Railway Accounts Department Examinations

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Suspension - Establishment matters


1. Article 309 of the Constitution of India ( that Acts of the appropriate Legislature may regulate the recruitment and conditions of service of persons appointed to public services and posts in connection with the affairs of the Union or any State) and
2. Part II of the Railway Servants (Discipline & Appeal) Rules, 1968 (In exercise of the powers conferred by the proviso to Article 309 of the Constitution,)

Definition of suspension :  A railway servant is said to be under suspension when he is debarred from exercising the powers and discharging the duties of his office for the period the order of suspension remains in force. 

  Suspension is not a penalty under the D&A Rules

Suspension Period:  90 days (initially)

Suspension Period - Beyond 90 days - Procedure:

·         Review of an Order of Suspension - By the Authority who is competent to modify or revoke the suspension, on the recommendation of the review committee constituted for the purpose, and
·         Before expiry of 90 days from the date of order of suspension.
·         Subsequent reviews shall be made before expiry of the extended period of suspension
( such extension is maximum of 180 days at a time).  
·          It may be may be deduced from the above,  that there is no maximum period of suspension, once the competent authority extends the suspension on expiry of every extended period.

Suspension - Circumstances:-

·         When Disciplinary proceedings are contemplated or are pending against the employee,  or
·         When employee is engaged in activities - prejudicial / harmful to the security of the State (Country),
·         When a criminal case is pending against the employee is under investigation, inquiry or trial.

Who can order Suspension ?

Ø  Competent Authority: The authorities who are competent to place a Railway Servant under suspension are specified in Schedules I, II & III appended to the Railway Servants (D&A) Rules, 1968.

Ø  Exceptional circumstance: Any authority  in above the schedules may place any subordinate railway servant specified therein, but should obtain the post facto approval of the competent authority, duly furnishing the circumstances in which the order was made.

Deemed Suspension:

Circumstances - When Employee is deemed to be placed under Suspension:

·         Detained in Police custody exceeding 48 hours  - From the date of detention.

·          Sentenced for imprisonment exceeding 48 hours  - From the date of Conviction for an offence and is not forthwith dismissed or removed or compulsorily retired consequent to such conviction.

·         Set aside of penalty of dismissal, removal or compulsory retirement from service imposed upon a Railway servant under suspension, for want of appeal or on revision under these rules and the case is remitted for further inquiry or action or with any other directions,  - From the date of original order of dismissal/removal/compulsory retirement and shall remain in force until further orders.

·         Set aside or declared as void by the decision of the Court of Law, the penalty of dismissal, removal or compulsory retirement from service imposed upon a Railway servant under suspension, if disciplinary authority decides to hold further enquiry,  - From the date of original order of dismissal/removal/compulsory retirement and shall remain in force until further orders.

Subsistence Allowance:

Authority:  Fundamental Rule (FR) 43 and 1342 R (Chapter 13 of I R Establishment Code)

·         Granted to the employee during the period of suspension / deemed suspension

·         Subsistence means survival.  Till the proof of allegations against the employee, this allowance is granted to the suspended employee for survival.

Subsistence Allowance  - Amount

% of Last pay (equivalent to the 50 % of Leave Salary) and in addition DA, if admissible and Any other compensatory allowances admissible from time to time on the basis of pay of which the railway servant was in receipt on the date of suspension subject to the fulfillment of other conditions laid down for the drawl of such allowances. 
Up to 90 days
50 %
Recommendation not required
Beyond 90 days
 Enhanced to 51 % to 75 %
Note:  Subject to the submission of Certificate, that he/she is not engaged in any other employment business, profession or vocation.   
Due to Administrative reasons
By the recommendation of committee appointed by the Disciplinary Authority
Beyond 90 days
Reduction to 25 % to 49 %
On Employee's account

Standard Forms under D & A Rules, 1968

SF Number
Order of Suspension
Order of Deemed Suspension
Non employment Certificate
Order of Revocation of suspension
Charge Memorandum for Major Penalty
Refusing permission to inspect Relied upon Documents
Appointment of Inquiry Officer
Appointment of Presenting Officer
Disciplinary action in common proceedings
Charge Memorandum for Minor Penalty


Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Historical Reforms - Indian Railways -- Press Information Bureau - Press Release

Historical Reforms In Indian Railways  - Salient features

·        Vision: Making Indian Railways the growth engine of India's vikas yatra.

·        On 24th December, 2019, the Union Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has approved a transformational organisational restructuring of the Indian Railways.

·        Corporatization structure instead of Government organisation.  

·         Existing 8 Group A services (i.e., Traffic, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Signal & Telecom, Stores, Personnel, and Accounts) are merged/unified as Single Central Service i.e., IRMS – Indian Railway Management Service from the next recruitment scale.  

·        Modalities and unification of services will be worked out in consultation with DoPT – Dept of   Personnel and Training and UPSC – Union Public Services Commission with the approval of Alternate Mechanism to be appointed by Cabinet in order to ensure fairness and transparency.

·        The process shall be completed within a year.

·         Newly recruited officers  - From Engineering as well as Non-Engineering disciplines as per need.

·        The recruited officers will be posted as per their aptitude and specialization to allow them to specialize in one field and develop an overall perspective and prepare them to take up general management responsibilities at Senior levels.

·        Selection of General Management positions shall be through a merit-based system.

·        From Departmental lines to Functional lines.

·        The existing service of IRMS – Indian Railway Medical Service – re designated as IRHS – Indian Railway Health Service.

Railway Board – New set up
·        CRB, Chairman, Railway Board will act as CEO – Chief Executive Officer.

·        4 Members – Each for Infrastructure, Operations & Business Development, Rolling Stock and Finance

·        CRB shall be the Cadre Controlling officer – Responsible for HR – Human Resources with assistance from a DG (HR)

·        3 Apex level posts shall be surrendered from Railway Board and all the remaining posts of the Railway Board shall be open to all officers regardless of the service which they belonged.
·        Also have Independent Members who will be highly distinguished professionals with deep knowledge and 30 years experience incl: at the top levels in Industry, Finance, Economics and Management fields.
·        The Independent Members will help Railway Board in setting a strategic direction.

·        Unification of services has been recommended by Prakash Tandon committee (1994), Rakesh Mohan Committee (2001), Sam Pitroda Committee (2012) and Bibek Debroy Committee (2015)

·         In continuation of the reforms already taken such as, Merger of Railway Budget with General/Union Budget, Model SOP, Private trains etc.

·         Outcome of 2 days conference “Parivartan Sangoshthi” held in New Delhi on 7th & 8th December, 2019 and Extraordinary meeting of the Railway Board on 8th December, 2019.

·        To speed up the ambitious programme of modernization of Indian Railways with investment of Rs. 50 lakh Crores over the next 12 years.

·        At present, departments are vertically separated from top to bottom and are headed by a Secretary level officer (Member] in the Railway Board. This organization of the department runs deep down to the grass root level of the Railways.

·        Unification of services will end this 'departmentalism', promote smooth working of Railways, expedite decision making, create a coherent vision for organisation and promote rational decision making.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Appendix 2 exam - Major Reform - introduction of MCQ

Major change in the pattern of Appendix 2 Exam

80 % of GRP  - Objective type Questions

20 % of GRP - Descriptive type Question (one Question)

80 % of Optional paper - Objective type Questions

20 % of Optional paper - Descriptive type Question (one Question)

No Negative marks in Appendix 2 exam. 

Click below for Railway Board Letter

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

SCR - Question paper for Group D to Group C in Accounts Dept and Key

Click below 

Link for Group D to Group C question Paper in SCR Accounts Dept 18.10.2019

Reconducted exam Question paper - 02.12.2019 SCR Group D to Group C

Key to Question Paper of From Erstwhile Group D to Group C post -25% - Conducted at SCR on 18.10.2019

Section A (Maximum -60 marks)

I.   Marks 10

1)     B – No
2)    C – Threat
3)    B – The
4)    C – Among
5)    D – Cope
6)    A – Remarkable
7)     D – Cover
8)     B – Without
9)    C – Belief
10)                      C – Misleading

II.  Letter Writing    (Marks 10)

III. Match the following:  ( Marks 5)

1)    NAIR – National Academy of Indian Railways – Vadodara
2)    IRICEN – Indian Railways Institute of Civil Engineering  - Pune
3)    IRIEE – Indian Railways Institute of Electrical Engineering  - Nasik
4)    IRITM - Indian Railways Institute of Transport Management –Lucknow
5)    IRIFM – Indian Railways Institute of Financial Management – Secunderabad
IV.  Expand the abbreviations  -  Marks 5
1)    CWE  - Chief Workshop Engineer
2)    SWSO – Senior Work Study Officer
3)    RCT  - Railway Claims Tribunal
4)    CGEGIS  - Central Government Employees Group Insurance Scheme
5)    RELHS  - Railway Employees Liberalized Health Scheme
6)    CTI  - Centralized Training Institute
7)    ADEE – Assistant Divisional Electrical Engineer
8)    GTKM  - Gross Tonne Kilo Meter
9)    RUB – Road Under Bridge
10)                      S & T  - Signal & Telecommunications

V.  Multiple Choice Questions  ( Marks 5)

1)    2
2)    New Delhi
3)    3
4)    4
5)    Secunderabad

VI.  True or False

1)    False
2)    True
3)    False
4)    True
5)    False

VII – Fill in the blanks  - 5 marks

1)    15
2)    15
3)    17
4)    All India Railwaymen’s Federation
5)    Permanent Negotiating Machinery
6)    01.01.2004
7)    Disciplinary & Appeal Rules

VIII – Articles  - 5 marks

1)    A
2)    THE
3)    THE
4)    AN
5)    A
6)    A
7)    AN
8)    A

IX – Change the voice  - 3 Marks

1)    The fire damaged the Building
2)    My Bike was sold by me
3)    I lost my watch
4)    The door was opened by me
5)    A cruel boy killed the bird

X – Gender  - 3 Marks

1)    Spinster
2)    Mare
3)    Lady
4)    Niece
5)    Host

XI – Plurals  - 2 Marks

1)    Daughters – in – law
2)    Mangoes
3)    Men
4)    Feet

XII – Degrees of comparison

1)    Bold – Bolder – Boldest
2)    Old – Older – Oldest
3)    Sweet – Sweeter – Sweetest
4)    Pretty – Prettier – Prettiest

Section B ( Maximum marks 40)

I – Arithmetical problems  (30 marks)

1)    Rs.35620
2)    Rs. 23924
3)    Rs. 800280
4)    Rs.12600
5)    45 tonnes
6)    16 days
7)    210
8)    40%
9)    Rs. 600 & Rs. 900
10)                      49 kms
11)                      25 days
12)                      Rs.1260
13)                      Rs.202400
14)                      Rs. 11200, Rs. 134400 & Rs. 29680

II. Arithmetical problems ( 10 Marks)

1)    20%
2)    4155
3)    12
4)    90%
5)    120
6)    42
7)    12.5%
8)    16900
9)    8500
10)                      2.8