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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Differences between Capital & Capital Fund

1. External source (given by Ministry of Finance)
1. Internal source ( Surplus available after paying Dividends and appropriating to DF, RSF )
2. Dividend to be paid on Capital provided by Ministry of Finance.
2. Dividend need not be paid, since it is a surplus after meeting all obligations of Railways.  On the other hand, Interest is credited to the Capital Fund on the balance of the Fund at the end of financial year.  (Rate of interest is equal to the Dividend rate and recommended by RCC from time to time)
3. Rules of allocation is prescribed in chapter V of Finance Code volume I.  They are a) cost of first construction b) Land c) Cost of construction of quarters.
3. No separate rules existing for utilizing this Fund usually charged to all Plan Heads (except Plan Heads 11 & 51).  However in current years, the Capital Fund is utilized for meeting the Plan Head 2200 - Principal component of lease charges payable to IRFC