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Thursday, March 11, 2021

MSOP - Model Schedule Of Powers -2018

 MSOP - Model Schedule Of Powers -2018

  • First MSOP issued in October, 2017.  The revised MSOP issued in  July 2018 

What is Delegation ?

  • Entrusting of Authority, Power and Responsibility to another. (normally from a Boss to subordinate Manager) to carry out specific activities.

  • Process of distributing the work among Members in Organization.  (Similar one is Head of the Family distributing the wedding work among the family members)

  • One of the core concepts of management leadership. 

  • Shifting power as well as responsibility to team members. 

  • Empowering frontline officials with adequate administrative financial powers.

What is Power ?

I can do anything in the World, if I have Power & Money.  Am I right ?

  • MSOP is Initiative of Railway Transformation Cell

Transformation Cell

  • ·       Constituted by Railway Board on 09.03.2017.

  • ·   PED - Principal Executive Director  is in charge of the Transformation Cell.  Under him 8 Nodal Executive Directors work, drawn from different disciplines like Traffic, Engineering, Mechanical, Electrical, S&T, Personnel, Accounts ,etc.


  • It hires young professionals — MBAs, BTechs, CAs — from the private sector to assist.


  • It overrides all the other existing Directorates for issuing the orders/circulars duly taking the approval of CRB and other related Member.


  • During the last two years, four directorates have been created to look into specific areas. These include ,non fare revenue, mobility, environment and heritage.



Achievements of Transformation Cell so far:


1.    Model SOP - in delegation of more powers to DRMs and other branch officers.

2.    Uniformity of provisions in Works, Earnings & Services contracts

3.    New GCC

4.    Re engagement of retired staff and officers

  • SOP of SCR is a template for MSOP. 

President of India/Railway Board ➜ General Managers ➜ Subordinate Officers like PHODs,HODs, DRMs, Branch Officers etc

de•President of India

nt of India

Negative Powers to GMs

Why negative testing matters: How to avoid your next fail | TechBeacon

  • Top of all rules mentioned in Finance Code Volume I – Chapter V – Annexure II is “without previous sanction of the higher authority (i.e., Railway Board)”

  • GM’s powers available in I R Finance Code -Chapter V -Annexure II – stated in Negative sense

  • Example: S.N. 4  - To the creation of Work charged posts of above JA Grade against Construction/ Survey/ Scrap Sales / M&P estimates .  Interpretation is GM may have powers to the creation of Work charged posts up to JA Grade against the above estimates only. 

  • Another example: S.N. 10(c)  - To the grant of reward in excess of Rs. 5,000 in each individual case.   Interpretation is “GM may have powers to grant or reward up to Rs. 5,000 in each individual case.  

Salient features of MSOP 2018

  1. 420 pages 

  1. Additional Delegation as per local requirements

  1. More powers to DRMs and Branch Officers like Station Directors

  1. If no PHOD is posted, the CHOD can exercise the powers of PHOD

  1. AGM can exercise the powers of GM unless the transaction requires personal sanction of GM

  1. Miscellaneous matters including CTIs, IT, PR.

  1. Part G of this document contains the SOP for RPF which includes the latest delegations for RPF in March 2018, over and above those existing in Section C (Miscellaneous) of this SOP.

  1. Powers delegated to DRMs are generally the same for CWMs (in SAG).

  1. Principal Chief Security Commissioners (PCSC) of RPF will exercise the powers available to PHODs for matters concerning them. 

  1. Similarly, the ADRMs (NFSAG) will exercise the same powers as ADRMs (SAG).

  1. Also, the branch officers in Senior Scale (Independent Charge) will exercise the same powers as available to divisional officers in JAG/SG.

  1. A branch officer is an officer in the division who directly reports to DRM and is to be treated as independent incharge for all purposes.

  1. Also, wherever CWMs are in SS/JAG/SG, the CWE or concerned SAG officer in HeadQuarter will exercise the same powers as applicable to CWMs (in SAG) for matters pertaining to workshops/depots. 

  1. The Station Directors and the Administrators of the Central Hospitals, both in JAG/SG, will exercise the same powers as available to Branch Officers. 

  1. Wherever finance concurrence is not required, it has been specifically mentioned. Wherever nothing is mentioned it should be presumed that finance concurrence is required. 

Sources for MSOP: 

  1. Indian Railways Codes and Manuals

  2. Circulars issued by various Directorates like Commercial,Transformation Cell etc

  3. GM’s Negative powers as per Annexure II to Chapter V of IR Finance Code Volume One 

Parts of MSOP













Establishment (Gaz & Non Gaz)





Delegation of Powers to 




GMs & DRMs


Need of MSOP

  1.  Setting up of a Benchmark

  2. Uniformity across all Zonal Railways in implementation of decisions (especially officers who are transfer from one Zonal to another Zonal Railway frequently)

  3. Simplification of procedures / work process on IR

  4. Familiarity of the orders, rules and procedures for the Officers on transfer from one Rly to another

Procedure for issue of Correction Slips to MSOP

  • Respective PHODs shall initiate the proposal for correction.

  •  DGM(G) is the nodal officer for MSOP

  •  Proposals received from PHODs will be examined by DGM(G) and process for finance concurrence

  •  After finance concurrence, the draft correction slip is vetted

  •  DGM(G) will issue Correction Slip/Corrigendum with the personal approval of GM

  •  If it’s direct delegation, correction can also be issued without the consent of the department

  •  Corrections can also be issued by the Rly Bd

Some Important delegation of powers to GMs & DRMs



Existing Delegation

Revised Delegation


Consultancy Contracts

Rs. 1 Crore per case

No Limit


Plan Head 5 - Staff welfare (Quarters, Hospital, Schools etc)

Rs. 20 Lakhs per case

Rs. 1 Crore per case


Ceremonial occasion

Rs. 2 lakhs - each case 

Rs. 5 Lakhs each case


Software development

No powers

Rs. 2.5 Crores each case


Estimates required

New Works - Rs. 50 thousands and above

Revenue work - Rs. 2 Lakhs and above

Both: Rs. 5 Lakhs and above


Zonal contract

Rs. 2 Lakhs

Rs. 5 Lakhs


Outsourcing of P.Way activity

GM has powers

Now DRMs have powers


Licensing of Railway land for sidings

No powers

DRMs have powers


Provision of passenger facilities by trusts, private persons




New UTS cum PRS




Earning contracts

PHOD - Above 15 Crores

DRM - up to 15 Crores

Full powers


Refund of fares

PHOD/HOD/DRM/ADRM - Rs. 20 thousand

Full powers


Two/Four wheelers under M&P


GM - Full powers for two wheelers to RPF


Service contracts

DRM - Rs. 20 Crores

DRM - Rs. 100 Crores


Approval of Tour programs of GM & DRMs


Not required (within India)


Inter Railway/Inter Divisional Transfers


Full powers to DRMs

Last, but not least, MSOP (having 420 pages) is not meant for “By Heart”. It is just a Reference book.

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Quotations - Dispensing with calling of Tenders


Quotations - Dispensing with calling of Tenders

·      for works which are urgent in nature and to accept offers received in response to quotations.

Delegation of Powers as per MSOP - Item 5 (f) of Works Matters Part A 

Powers lying with

Without concurrence

With Concurrence

Safe running of Trains (works should be of urgent nature)

JAG/SG & SS(Independent charge)

Up to Rs.2 Lakhs

(Annual Limit Rs.10 Lakhs)

Up to Rs.5 Lakhs

(Annual limit: Rs.60 Lakhs)

Other works

(incl: Safe running of train)


Up to Rs.10 Lakhs

(Annual Limit Rs.120 Lakhs)

Authority: Railway Board Letter dated 05.03.2009 & 06.10.2010. 

Other Important Points as per MSOP


1.    Finance concurrence is necessary except for work is of urgent nature and directly related to safe running of trains.

2.    Exercised by the officers with their own administrative approval and no separate administrative approval is necessary.

3.    The powers should be exercised sparingly.

4.    The circumstances under which quotations have to be called should be spelt out.

5.   Provision in Sanctioned estimate.

6.    The work should not be split up for the purpose of bringing it within the ambit of this dispensation

7.   Should not be for fancy items (expensive, but of low utility)

8.    For works which are urgent in nature.

9.   At least 3 well experienced contacters/agencies.  They need not necessarily borne in the Approved list.

10.                      A Register showing the full particulars of works authorized through quotations shall be maintained by the officer and shall be sent to associate finance while seeking their concurrence.

11.                      Cross utilization of powers of equivalent officers in a division/single administrative unit shall not be allowed.

12.                      Notice period of at least 7 days from the date of NIQ (Notice inviting Quotation)

13.                     In case of emergency, the period can be reduced with approval of the authority accepting quotation.