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Friday, September 1, 2023

Joining Time


          Joining Time  

  • Granted on transfer in Public Interest i.e., on Administrative grounds only

  • Not given -  on Request Transfer, Mutual Transfer & Temporary Transfer (i.e., up to 6 months)  

  •  If the Temporary transfer is subsequently made as a Permanent Transfer, the employee is eligible for Joining Time. 

  • Joining Time Commenced: 

Relinquishes the charge of the old post

Joining Time commenced

In the Forenoon

From the date of relinquished

In the Afternoon

From the next day of Relinquishment


  • Joining Time Allowed: Transfer from one station to another station involved the change of Residence


Distance between old and new stations

Joining Time allowed

Up to 1000 km 

10 days

More than 1000 Kms but less than 2000 Km

12 days

2000 km and more  

15 days

  • In case of Air Travel - Maximum - 12 days only 

  • Transfer to new Station did not involve a change of Residence - Joining Time - One day only 

  • The transfer is in the Same Station - Joining Time - Nil.  Transit time is only allowed. 

  • Holidays fall within the spell of Joining Time - Counted as Joining Time.  

 Relinquished on or Joining time ends on   - Friday  


Joining Time 

Relinquished the Old post on Friday

commenced from Saturday (although Saturday is a holiday)

Joining Time ends on Friday

Report to the New Office on Monday (since Saturday and Sunday being Holidays)



Extension of Joining Time

Competent Authority

Up to 30 days


Beyond 30 days

Railway Board


  • Unavailed portion - Credited to LAP  (subject to 300 days +15 days reserve) 

  • Availing Joining Time not permissible - After joining the new post.  (He/She should avail other kinds of Leave to shift his/her family) 

  • Combined with any other kind of Leave, except Casual Leave

  •  Schools/Colleges staff - Can be combined with vacations   

During Joining Time  

During Joining Time

Transport Allowance

Not admissible

Pay & Allowances

Admissible to the Old post (Not new Post)


  • During Joining Time - If the Transfer Order is modified to another station - Fresh Joining Time commences from the date of receipt of such modified order.