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Saturday, July 25, 2020

Habibgunj Railway Station - First one under PPP mode & IRSDC - Indian Railways Station Development Corporation ltd


Latest News:  

Indian Railways has ordered to dissolve the “Indian Railways Stations Development Corporation” on the basis of recommendation of Principal Economic Advisor of Finance Ministry, Sanjeev Sanyal. (2021 October)

Habibgunj Railway Station - First one under PPP mode

·         Habibganj Railway Station, Bhopal - First PPP Project (Railway Station) of Indian Railways.

·          IRSDC has completed redevelopment work of HABIBGANJ railway station 98% (civil works) 

·          Developer is M/s Bansal pathways Habibganj Pvt ltd

Salient features:

ü  First ever air concourse (above the track)
ü  Dome like structure at the entrance with sky lights
ü  Dedicated concourse area with airport like retail outlets, cafeterias
ü  Plush waiting lounge for passengers
ü  Gaming zones
ü  Green building with LED lighting
ü  Waste water treatment for reuse.
ü  Investing more than Rs.400 Crores  to develop a trade centre, a hospital, a convention centre, a budget hotel, a luxury hotel
ü  Lease period - 45 years
ü  17,245 Sq Meters Railway land
ü  Built up area of 13 lakh square feet
ü  Station operation for 8 years - Private developer
ü  Revenue collection and O & M - Operation & Maintenance by Developer
ü  S&T, stabling of trains, ticketing costs - borne by Developer
ü  IRSDC - gets fixed percentage of Station Revenue as its management fees.
ü   Multi modal transit hut - connects with BRTS - Bus Rapid Transit System and Bhopal Metro
ü  Station Development - Rs. 100 Crores
ü  Commercial development surrounding Railway Station - Rs. 400 Crores
ü  Complete segregation between arrival and departure
ü  6 Lifts, 11 escalators and 3 travelators (first time in Railway Stations)
ü  Travelator / Travolator -    A slow-moving conveyor mechanism that transports people across a horizontal or inclined plane over a short to medium distance like in Airports

ü  Dedicated pickup and drop off parking facilities for the Passengers

ü  Provision of parking for approximately 300 cars, 850 two-wheelers, Autos, Taxi & buses.