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Saturday, July 25, 2020

Habibgunj Railway Station - First one under PPP mode & IRSDC - Indian Railways Station Development Corporation ltd

Habibgunj Railway Station - First one under PPP mode

·         Habibganj Railway Station, Bhopal - First PPP Project (Railway Station) of Indian Railways.

·          IRSDC has completed redevelopment work of HABIBGANJ railway station 98% (civil works) 

·          Developer is M/s Bansal pathways Habibganj Pvt ltd

Salient features:

ü  First ever air concourse (above the track)
ü  Dome like structure at the entrance with sky lights
ü  Dedicated concourse area with airport like retail outlets, cafeterias
ü  Plush waiting lounge for passengers
ü  Gaming zones
ü  Green building with LED lighting
ü  Waste water treatment for reuse.
ü  Investing more than Rs.400 Crores  to develop a trade centre, a hospital, a convention centre, a budget hotel, a luxury hotel
ü  Lease period - 45 years
ü  17,245 Sq Meters Railway land
ü  Built up area of 13 lakh square feet
ü  Station operation for 8 years - Private developer
ü  Revenue collection and O & M - Operation & Maintenance by Developer
ü  S&T, stabling of trains, ticketing costs - borne by Developer
ü  IRSDC - gets fixed percentage of Station Revenue as its management fees.
ü   Multi modal transit hut - connects with BRTS - Bus Rapid Transit System and Bhopal Metro
ü  Station Development - Rs. 100 Crores
ü  Commercial development surrounding Railway Station - Rs. 400 Crores
ü  Complete segregation between arrival and departure
ü  6 Lifts, 11 escalators and 3 travelators (first time in Railway Stations)
ü  Travelator / Travolator -    A slow-moving conveyor mechanism that transports people across a horizontal or inclined plane over a short to medium distance like in Airports

ü  Dedicated pickup and drop off parking facilities for the Passengers

ü  Provision of parking for approximately 300 cars, 850 two-wheelers, Autos, Taxi & buses.