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Wednesday, May 4, 2022

CRS - Commission of Railway Safety


CRS - Commission of Railway Safety

By Nageswara Rao, 9492432160

  • Website: http://www.crs.gov.in/

  • Under the administrative control of the Ministry of Civil Aviation


  • The Rail Safety Authority as per “The Railways Act, 1989” 


  • HQRS  - Lucknow 


  • Headed by CCRS - Chief Commissioner of Railway Safety   -  Secretary to Government of India Rank 


  • CCRS also acts as Principal Technical Advisor to the Central Government in all matters pertaining to railway safety. 


  • Deals with matters pertaining to the safety of rail travel and train operation and is charged with certain statutory functions as laid down in the Railways Act (1989), which are of an inspectorial, investigatory & advisory nature.

  • Jurisdiction over 17 Zonal Railways as well as Metro Train Systems in Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc.  


  • CRS sanction is required for -   Execution of any work on open line which will affect running of trains carrying passengers & any temporary arrangement necessary for carrying it out except in an emergency. 


Functions of CRS

  1. Ensure any new Railway line to be opened for Passenger traffic should conform to the standards and specifications prescribed by the Ministry of Railways. 

  1.  Also, Newline is safe in all respects for carrying passenger traffic. 


  1. The above rule is applicable for other works such as Gauge conversion, Doubling / Trebling / Quadrupling of lines, and Electrification of existing lines.  


  1. Statutory inquiry into serious train accidents occurring on the  Indian Railways 


  1. Makes recommendations for improving safety on the Railways in India.