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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

CEA - Children Education Allowance

CEA - Children Education Allowance


Clickfor Board's letter 114/2018


·         The Children Education allowance was introduced w.e.f. 1-9-2008 on the basis of the recommendation of 6th CPC.


·         7th Pay Commission revised the rates of CEA w.e.f 01.07.2017



Normal children

Differently abled children


Rs. 2,250 per month (Rs. 27,000 per year)

Rs. 4,500  per month (Rs.54,000 per year)

Hostel Subsidy

Rs. 6,750 per month ( Rs.81,000 per year)

Rs. 13,500 per month (Rs.1,62,000 per year)


·         The CEA and Hostel Subsidy can be claimed concurrently.



·         The rates will be double for differently abled children


·         The above rates would be automatically raised by 25 %  - If the DA- Dearness Allowance goes up by 50 %


·         Reimbursement  - allowed once a year (not like every quarter in 6th PC)


·         The period year means Academic Year i.e., 12 months of complete academic session.  


·         Upper Age limit :  Normal children – 20 years and Divyaang children  - 22 years



·         To be claimed - only after completion of the financial year.


·         Biggest relief for claiming CEA is dispensing of producing fee receipts. A certificate from the Head of Institution will be sufficient for this purpose.



·         In case, both the spouses are Government servants, only one of them can avail the above allowances.


·         Admissible for classes from nursery to class XII only. (two years before class one).  


·         2 years diploma (polytechnic college /ITI/ Engineering college  - eligible.  Provided the child pursues the course after passing 10th standard and CEA and Hostel Susbsidy has not been granted to the child in respect of 11th class and 12th class.                                                                                     

·         Reimbursement is allowed to only the two eldest surviving children of the Government servant (exceptions: 1. When the 2nd child birth is results in multiple births 2. The 3rd child is born due to failure of sterilization operation. )


·         No nexus /connection between performance of the child in his class and reimbursement of CEA /Hostel Subsidy.  In other words, even if a child fails in a particular class, he is eligible for both i.e., CEA and Hostel Subsidy.


·         However, if child is admitted in the same class in another school, though the child has passed out of the same class in previous school or in mid session  - CEA shall not be reimbursable.


·         Retirement, Death, dismissal, removal cases:  CEA & Hostel Subsidy shall be eligible till the end of the academic year in which the servant ceases to be in service.


Hostel Subsidy:


1.       Applicable only – minimum of 50 kms distance from the residence of the employee.

2.       In addition to the Certificate for Institution, a certificate should mention the amount of expenditure towards lodging and boarding in the Hostel is required.  The amount of actual expenditure mentioned or Rs.6750 per month (Rs.81000 per year) whichever is lower shall be paid.   

3.       Hostel subsidy is 3  times more than CEA.