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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

CMB - Contractor's Measurement Book

CMB - Contractor's Measurement Book

v  MB - Measurement Book is a old concept i.e., Measurements taken by the Railway Officials for payment of all works done otherwise than by department.

v  CMB - Contractor's Measurement Book -  by inserting the New clause 1316A in the Engineering Code -2012 edition vide ACS No.50 dated 21.09.2017. 

v  1316A -Engineering Code applicable for Contracts wherein the CMB is permitted (1316 para of Engineering Code is not applicable in these cases)
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                              Clause 1316A of Engineering Code -ACS 50 for CMB

v  In CMB, measurements are recorded by the Contractors themselves (not by Railway Officials) there by enabling the provisional payments in the "Works Contracts"

v  CMB -Form E1313 consists of
·         Sheet 1A  - Cover page - CMB No. (6 digits unique No.), Dept, Unit, Name of work, Agreement No., Name of Agency, Name to whom issued & Desg. , Date of Issue and Date of Return.
·         Sheet 2A Title page - Provision for obtaining the acknowledgement of AEN/XEN  by Dy.CE/C while handing over CMB & certificate of CMB contains 100 machine numbered pages.
·         Sheet 3A  - Provision for obtaining the acknowledgement of Contractor by AEN/XEN while handing over CMB.
·         Sheet 4A - Index of CMB - Particulars of entries of Running/Final Bills corresponding with the page numbers of CMB.
·          Sheet 5A - 100 machine numbered pages.
Salient features of CMB

v  Contractor is responsible for carrying out the measurements of the work executed and recording the same.

v  Top of each sheet of CMB contains A. Name of the Work  B. Agreement No.  C. Name of the Agency/Contractor  D. CMB No. (Unique No consists of 6 digits)

v  Recording of measurements by the "Contractor's Authorized Engineer".  In case of change of "Contractor's  Authorized Engineer", obtain the fresh approval of Dy.CE/C .

v  Recording of measurements to be neatly entered in his own hand writing.  No use of erasers/overwriting/typing fluid.

v  All cuttings shall be initialed. 

v  No page shall be destroyed/damaged.  No page shall be kept blank.

v     Witnessing of recording of measurements by Railways is not compulsory (except for initial levels in case of earth work & hidden measurements).    

v  On Account Contract Certificate:  Measurements shall be recorded for items & quantities to be paid.

v  For every 4th On Account Contract Certificate /Final Contract Certificate  - shall include previous On Account Contract Certificates also whether paid or not paid.  (like cumulative measurements as on date)

v  Lump sum measurements applicable only for Earth work.
v  Contractor shall take out carefully from the CMB, the used pages of CMB along with one extra blank page.  Staple them and submit to AEN/XEN along with Bill duly signing the measurements for processing of payments.

v  The contractor shall keep a photocopy of the measurements with him for future reference.

v  At the time of submission of Final Bill, the Contractor shall submit all remaining CMBs (partially used as well as unused ones) with him along with the Bill to the AEN/XEN.

Provisional payment (75% of amount of work done)  - New concept

v  SSE/JE with 5 years experience and AEN/XEN shall sign & record a certificate on the "Original Provisional "On Account Contract Certificate" as under  " Certified that the payment being made is less than the amount due for the quantities of works executed by the Contractor"
v  No provisional payment is allowed in Final Contract Certificate.

v  Subsequent "On Account Contract Certificates" can be raised by the Contractors only, when accounts of Previous On Account Certificates (provisional as well as remaining payment) has been finalised.

v  At the stage of Provisional payments - No test check of measurements by Railway Officials is required.


v  Test Checks by Railways is compulsory at the time of processing the remaining amount of On Account Contract Certificate and Final Contract Certificate.

v  SSE/JE and AEN/XEN shall communicate the date of Test check to the Contractor in advance.

v  The Contractor A) can accompany during Test check B) Shall provide support staff & all required Tools and plants to facilitate the Test check.
v  Percentage of Test Check

Description of Work
Test Check  - % of value
Measurement of Ballast, pitching stone, Earth work & hidden items
Initial & Final levels along centre line for earthwork in embankment and cutting
Intermittent levels along centre line for earthwork in embankment and cutting
Initial, Intermittent & Final levels except centre line for earthwork in embankment and cutting
Measurement of all other items

              During TEST CHECK:

v  Discrepancies if any noticed - shall be communicated by AEN/XEN to the Contractor.

v  All fresh copies of Invoices shall be submitted by the Contractor duly taking the consideration/cognizance of the above discrepancies.


v    AEN/XEN shall submit original copy of invoice & On Account Contract Certificate of remaining amount / Final Contract Certificate, along with required number of duplicate copies and used sheets of CMB to Dy.CE/C for the purpose of passing of the Bills and releasing the payments.

v  Once the payment is released, Dy.CE/C shall return back the used sheets of CMB to AEN/XEN for safe custody, duly crossing of measurements by the Finance Officer.

v  The AEN/XEN shall rebind all the 100 pages of CMB along with Sheets 1A to 4A for submission of the same to the Dy.CE/C.

v  The Final Contract Certificate shall be passed by Dy.CE/C only after receipt of all CMBs (used as well as blank) from AEN/XEN.  

v  New clause of 1316A of Engineering Code  - applicable to all the Depts of Indian Railways and to be executed through equivalent authorities of respective depts. (say AME/DME in lieu of AEN/XEN)

v  Railway Board guidelines to Zonal Railways on CMB policy

1.      Permitted for Rs.20 Crores and above valued works only.
2.      CAO/C  shall select 3 works in each Zonal Railway to adopt this new policy.
3.      Tender documents are suitably modified duly inserting the clause Para 1316A of Engineering Code as special condition.
4.      Railway authorities should test check within 45 days of submission of measurements recorded by the Contractor.
5.      Before processing 75% provisional payment, concerned executive shall ensure that the supplies made by the contractor are in commensurate with the requirements for execution of works or not.

6.      Feedback on new policy should be submitted to the Board by 31.03.2018 in order to review this policy.