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Friday, February 3, 2023






Recruitment Through



Through UPSC

IRSE (Civil Engg)

IRSME ( Mech Engg)

IRSEE  (Elec Engg)


IRSS ( Stores)

IRTS (Traffic) (Optg & Comml)

IRPS ( Personnel)

IRPF ( Security)


By promotion of Group-C employees

In all departments of Railways


Railway Recruitment Boards (RRB)

( For Group-C)





Technical Categories ( Technician Gr III, JE & SSE)


Non-Technical Popular Categories (Station Masters, Train Managers/Goods, Ticket Collectors,  Comml Clerks, Office Clerks etc.)


Posts in Production Units

Group-C ( Erstwhile Group-D)

Railway Recruitment Cell (RRC)


Asst Points men

Office Assistants etc


Special recruitment in Group-C and erstwhile Group-B categories)

General Manager

Compassionate Grounds appointment,

Sports Quota Recruitment

Scouts & Guides Quota Recruitment

Cultural Quota Recruitment.


·        Number of RRBs = 21 under the control of Railway Board to cater the manpower need of Zonal Railway of its jurisdiction.

·        Number of RRCs = Each Zonal Railway has one RRC under the control of GM to cater the needs of Group-D manpower of that Zone.

·        Number Zonal Railways: 17

·        One Metro Railway

·        12 Production Units/Manufacturing Units




1.     Placing Indents

2.     Centralized Notification

3.     CBT

4.     Aptitude Test for Station Masters & Asst Loco Pilot posts

5.     Physical Efficiency Test for erstwhile Group-D posts

6.     Formation of panel

7.     Issue of Offer of appointment letter

8.     Medical Examination (Physical & Vision Test) (A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, C1 and C2 categories)

9.     Initial Training

10.                        Posting Orders.



Classification of Services




Classification of Services:



    Levels in Pay Matrix



Level 10 to 17



Level 8 & 9



Level 1 to 8

Under mentioned posts come under Group-B,   though they are in Level 10 & 11

Asst Nursing Officer

Level 10

Principal, HMs

Level 10 & Level 11

Any other Group-B posts

Level 10


Under mentioned posts come under Group-C,  though they are in Level 8 and above.

Senior Section Officer (Accounts)  SSO

Level-8 & Level-9 (Non-functional)

Inspector of Stores Accounts          ISA

Level-8 & Level-9 (Non-functional)

Traffic Accounts Inspector              TIA

Level-8 & Level-9 (Non-functional)

Senior Nursing Superintendent


Chief Nursing Superintendent

Level 10

Primary School Teachers

Trained Graduate Teachers

Post Graduate Teachers

(Basic Grade/Senior Grade/Selection Grade)

Level 8, 9, 10 & 11

Senior Dieticians


(Authority: Railway Boards Circular No RBE 16/2023 dated 17.01.2023.)









CTI - Centralized Training institute




Indian Railway Institute of Civil Engineering (IRICEN)




Indian Railway Institute of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering





Indian Railway Institute of Electrical Engineering (IREEN)

Nasik Road



Indian Railway Institute of Signal Engineering & Telecommunication (IRISET)




Indian Railway Institute of Traffic Management (IRITM)




Indian Railway Institute of Financial Management




National Academy Indian Railways


Vadodara (Baroda)








·        Group-C employees promoted to Group-C post will be given initial training (Orientation Course) in NAIR and departmental training in respective training institutes.


·        Candidates recruited for Group-C posts will be given initial training in Zonal Railway Training Institutes (ZRTI)  & Basic Training Centers (BTCs) in Division & Workshops.

Refresher Course/In service Training:

·        Apart from initial training, refresher courses are organized by concerned CTIs, ZRTIs and BTCs.      

Training Modules ( syllabus):

·        Railway Board prescribes Training Modules for various trainings. The same will be followed by Training Institutes and Training Centers.

Training under Apprentice Act 1961:

·        Railway will give training to candidates in workshops, Depots & Production Units under Apprentice act every year.

Apprentices - 3 Types

·        No. of candidates to be trained each year is decided by Railway Board.

·        Trainees are paid stipend during training.

·        Engagement will be through notification.

·        Age : Not below 15 years and not more than 22/24 years.

·        Reservation and age relaxation for SC/ST/OBC/PH candidates is given.

·        At the end of training an examination is conducted and pass certificate will be issued by National Council of Vocational Training (NCVT).

·        Reservation: 20% of vacancies in Railway Recruitment in Group-D posts.

MCQ Key points:

1.     CTI stands for Centralized Training Institute

2.     ZRTI stands for Zonal Railway Training Institute

3.     BTC stands for Basic Training Centre

4.     Apprentice Act - 1961

5.     NCVT stands for National Council of Vocational Training

6.     20% of vacancies in erstwhile Group D posts - Reserved for Apprentices                                                                       










      Meaning: Right of the employee to hold a permanent post.


      Employee will hold the lien while-


1.  Performing the duties of that post,

2.  On leave,

3.  On joining time,

4.  Under suspension and

5.  On deputation to Foreign Service.


      At a time employee can hold the lien on one post only.


      In case of surrender of posts, junior most should be reverted to lower grade because he/she will not have a post to hold lien.


      In case the employee is joins other department by applying through proper channel, lien will be retained in parent department for 2 years.


      Lien in the parent organization stand terminated soon after the employee acquires lien on a post in the new organization.


      Lien in parent organization is terminated on joining new organization on immediate absorption basis.


      Lien of the employee can be transferred from one permanent post to another permanent post.






·        Transfers are three kinds:


1.     Own request transfer

2.     Mutual exchange Transfer

3.     Administrative grounds transfer


·        Own request transfer is also called one side transfer.


·        5 years service is required for own request transfer.


·        Seniority is assigned at the bottom of all permanent and temporary employees in the new division/Railway.


·        Five years condition is not applicable for:

o   Transfer on Spouse ground,

o   Transfer on account of having disabled child,

o   Transfer of Physically Handicapped employee,

o   Transfer of widow appointed on Compassionate Grounds and

o   Transfer on mutual exchange.


·        Priority register should be maintained.


·        Request for transfer is considered in recruitment grade only.


·        Should fulfill all educational and technical qualification prescribed for direct recruitment to that post.


·        Request transfer is not admissible in intermediate grade.


·        Mutual Exchange transfer is permitted in the same grade.


·        In the new unit senior employee will take the seniority position of junior employee and junior employee will retain his seniority position.


·        Mutual exchange in recruitment grade is permissible between SC & SC, ST&ST, UR/OBC & OBC/UR with the same required qualification.


·        For mutual transfer in recruitment grade is permissible only between Direct Recruits.


·        Administrative ground transfer is ordered in the public interest. Employee will not lose his/her seniority in new unit.

MCQ key points

1.     5 years service - required for Own Transfer.  However certain exemptions are there.

2.     Transfers are 3 Kinds. A. Own request B. Mutual exchange C. Administrative grounds