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Monday, November 20, 2023

MACP - Modified Assured Career Progression


MACP - Modified Assured Career Progression 

  • W.e.f  01.09.2008.

  • Old ACP - Assured Career Progression Scheme - 09.08.1999 to 31.08.2008.   

  • Assurance - Minimum 3 Financial upgradations in their service  

  • Intervals - 10 years, 20 years & 30 years of qualifying service. 

  • The upgradation is to the next Level in Pay-Matrix.

  • Financial upgradation is purely personal to the employee and not according to seniority. 

  • If the employee gets regular promotion as per seniority/merit such promotion will be counted against the three financial up-gradations.

  • If the employee is stagnated in any grade for 10 years, he will be given financial up-gradation in the next higher level.

  • Granting financial up-gradation is subject to eligibility.

  • Eligibility: Last 3 years APAR - Minimum grading is “Very Good” .

  • Free from DAR/Vigilance/Criminal cases and should not be undergoing any penalty.  

  • Can employees refuse to take the Regular Promotion?   

  • Before MACP  - Yes.  But they are not considered for financial upgradation for that grade.  

  • After MACP  - Yes.  

  • Pay fixation and option benefits are admissible as per the rules.

  • No change in the Designation. 

  • No change in the Present post. 

  • No change in the responsibilities. 

  • Service rules are applicable to the present post only for all benefits. 

  • In case the granting of financial upgradation under the MACP scheme is postponed for reasons attributable to the employee, future upgradations under this scheme will also get postponed.    

Key points for MCQ: 

  1. MACP - From 01.09.2008  

  2. MACP stands for Modified Assured Career Progression

  3. ACP - 09.08.1999 to 31.08.2008 

  4. Minimum 3 Financial Upgradations 

  5. Intervals - 10, 20 & 30 years 

  6. APARs considered - Last 3 years 

  7. Minimum grading - Very Good 

  8. No change in Present post, Designation or responsibilities.