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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Quotations - Dispensing with calling of Tenders


Quotations - Dispensing with calling of Tenders

·      for works which are urgent in nature and to accept offers received in response to quotations.

Delegation of Powers as per MSOP - Item 5 (f) of Works Matters Part A 

Powers lying with

Without concurrence

With Concurrence

Safe running of Trains (works should be of urgent nature)

JAG/SG & SS(Independent charge)

Up to Rs.2 Lakhs

(Annual Limit Rs.10 Lakhs)

Up to Rs.5 Lakhs

(Annual limit: Rs.60 Lakhs)

Other works

(incl: Safe running of train)


Up to Rs.10 Lakhs

(Annual Limit Rs.120 Lakhs)

Authority: Railway Board Letter dated 05.03.2009 & 06.10.2010. 

Other Important Points as per MSOP


1.    Finance concurrence is necessary except for work is of urgent nature and directly related to safe running of trains.

2.    Exercised by the officers with their own administrative approval and no separate administrative approval is necessary.

3.    The powers should be exercised sparingly.

4.    The circumstances under which quotations have to be called should be spelt out.

5.   Provision in Sanctioned estimate.

6.    The work should not be split up for the purpose of bringing it within the ambit of this dispensation

7.   Should not be for fancy items (expensive, but of low utility)

8.    For works which are urgent in nature.

9.   At least 3 well experienced contacters/agencies.  They need not necessarily borne in the Approved list.

10.                      A Register showing the full particulars of works authorized through quotations shall be maintained by the officer and shall be sent to associate finance while seeking their concurrence.

11.                      Cross utilization of powers of equivalent officers in a division/single administrative unit shall not be allowed.

12.                      Notice period of at least 7 days from the date of NIQ (Notice inviting Quotation)

13.                     In case of emergency, the period can be reduced with approval of the authority accepting quotation.