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Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Statement - 6A Passenger Revenue statistics & Statement 7A Goods Revenue Statistics

 Statement - 6A Passenger Revenue statistics

  • Prepared monthly. 


  • Prepared class wise, gauge wise


  • Separately for sub-urban & non-sub-urban traffic 


  • Separately for season & ordinary traffic 


  • Source documents are Passenger classification return, blank paper ticket return submitted by each Station to the Traffic Accounts Office (TAO)


  • Passenger classification consists of 1. Commencing & closing no. of tickets 2. Index No of Non issued tickets, concession tickets, full fare tickets and amount derived there from. 


  • After checking & coding in the TAO, they are sent to the compilation office for further processing for preparing Statement 6A.  


  • It is helpful in knowing the trend of the passenger traffic, working out average lead, rate per PKM, fixation of fares etc.


  • Statement 6A consists of : 


  1. No. of Passenger Originating 

  2. No. of Season Tickets Issued

  3. Total no. of Passenger Carried 

  4. Passenger Kilometers 

  5. Passenger Earning from Passenger Carried 

  6. Number and Earnings from Passenger Carried on the System

Statement 7A Goods Revenue Statistics (Advance Information)

  • Deals with the no. of wagons, tonnes originating, tonne kms and earning for detailed commodity heads of revenue carried traffic.  

  • Compiled on originating basis for the Zonal Railway as a whole.


  •  Submitted to the Railway Board.  


  • Separately for Monthly and Cumulative. 


  • Source: Invoices 


  • Confined to the Revenue earning traffic only 


  • Care should be taken in compiling this statement as it is the first monthly advance information for freight trains. 


  •  Any non-mechanised Revenue traffic originating on the railway should be included in this statement and also shown in a separate Annexure.  


  • 7A Statement consists of : 


  1. Tonnes Originating 

  2. Tonne Kilometers 

  3. Earnings from Revenue earning goods carried 

  4. No. of wagons in terms of 4-wheelers