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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

RSBY - Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana

RSBY - Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana

Being the latest  scheme ( In Indian Railways - 2011 year), this may be asked as Short Notes question in Appendix III A Examination.
»   launched by Ministry of Labour & Employment, Government of India in the year 2008.
»  Objective:  Protecting BPL(Below Poverty Line) families & informal sector workers of India from the shocks related to catastrophic expenditures of health by provide Health Insurance cover.
»    A Social Insurance scheme.
»  It is a Smart card based, Paperless and cashless facility.
»  Annual hospitalisation cover up to Rs.30,000 per family of 5 members.
»  Transportation expenses - Up to Rs.1,000 per year - provided in cash - for facilitating travelling to Hospital.
»  Rs.30 is one time registration fees paid by the beneficiaries at the time of registration.
»  Implemented through Health Insurance Companies by empanelling the hospitals throughout the India. Already 12,000 Hospitals are empanelled.
»  Premium paid to the Insurance companies   - 75 % by Central Govt.  and balance 25 % paid by State Govts.
»  Approximate premium is Rs. 350 in 2012 year.
»  No age limit for enrolment into this Scheme.
RSBY -Indian Railways

*               Authority: RBE No.12/2011 (Rly Bd. Letter No.2010-E(LL)/AT/USW/1 dated 27.01.2011.

*               As part of CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility, Indian Railways extends this scheme to APL (Above Poverty Line) categories in Indian Railways i.e., Licensed Porters, Licensed Vendors & Licensed Hawkers in the year 2011.

*               Because, the BPL (Below Poverty Line) categories of people are already covered in this Scheme by Ministry of Labour & Employment, Govt. of India.  But Indian Railways ensure that Licensed - Porters, Vendors & Hawkers under BPL  are covered under RSBY scheme implemented by the respective State Governments or not.

*               Main Points - RSBY - Indian Railways

A.    Railways share of premium  is Rs.565 per family or 75 % of Annual premium whichever is less

B.    Remaining 25 % premium - bear by the beneficiaries only, not State Govt. (because people covered under APL category)

C.     Zonal Rlys have to pay full premium one year in advance.

D.    Monitoring Dept. is Commercial Dept by nominating Key field officer at Divisional level and Co-ordinating Officer at Zonal Level.

E.     Implemented through State Nodal Agencies by State Govts.

F.     Accountal of Expenditure:

Abstract K - Demand No.12 - Misc. Working Expenses
Minor Head 600     -          Other Expenses
Sub Head     660     -           RSBY
Detailed Head 661 -          RSBY Premium
                            662 -          Other expenses
                            663 -          Credits for contributions paid by


Readers are advised to spread awareness of RSBY to the needy persons in Railways i.e., Licensed - Porters, Vendors & Hawkers as well as BPL categories in other sectors (Outside the Indian Railways) as part of our Social responsibility.