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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Risk Allowance - Establishment Rules


Risk Allowance - Establishment Rules 

  • Source: 1. RBE No. 30/2021 dated 13.04.2021 

             2. DOPT OM No.A-27018/02/2022-Estt.(AL) dated 02.09.2022 

  • Admissible for: The employees who engaged in hazardous duties or whose work will have a deleterious (harmful, injurious or hurtful) effect on health over a period of time 

  • 7th CPC (Central Pay Commission) Revised Rates - Admissible w.e.f., 03.11.2020 

  • Revised Rates are: 



Revised Rates (Per Month)



Rs. 90



Rs. 135



Rs. 180



Rs. 225

Note: Considering the circumstances workers are experiencing the consequences, the above rates are meager/scanty/negligible. 

  • Risk Allowance   - Will not be treated as “Pay” for any purpose.  

  • The categories who are in receipt of HPCA/PCA   - Not eligible for grant of Risk Allowance 

  • HPCA stands for Hospital Patient Care Allowance 

  • PCA stands for Patient Care Allowance

  • Proposal for inclusion of any new category fulfilling the criteria: 

  • Proposed by the concerned Ministry 

  • In consultation with the associate Finance 

  • & DOPT - Dept Of Personnel & Training 

  • Also be consult the Staff side of the Departmental Council (JCM - Joint Consultative Machinery)

  •  Periodical medical check-ups of the staff exposed to risk in their job to ensure their good health.  

  • A list of categories/staff comes under the eligibility of Risk Allowance. Staff engaged in: 

  1. Spray painting   

  2. Galvanizing tanks, Effluent Treatment plants, insulation components 

  3. Electrolytes 

  4. Metallic dust, fumes, furnace, carbon burst shops 

  5. Melting shops in all foundries where scrap is used 

  6. Moulding shop in RWF/Bangalore 

  7. Chrome plating 

  8. Safaiwala in underground drains/sewer pipes, cleaning of manholes 

  9. Safaiwala in sewerage treatment plant in Workshops

  10. Spraying pesticides, handling acids, anti-larval drugs, etc. 

  11. Chest clinic staff 

  12. X-Ray attendants