Railway Accounts Department Examinations

Thursday, November 18, 2021

MCQ on Establishment / Personnel matters

 MCQ on Establishment / Personnel matters 


1        No Railway Servant shall be granted leave of any kind for a continuous period exceeding _________.                                                                                                                        (  A  )  

A)   5years               B)    4years                   C      3years              D )  2years


2              Railway Servant is entitled for credit of _________ days of LAP in a year          (  B  )

             A)   15                    B)     30                        C)  25                        D)   60


3        3. Leave on average pay is credited in advance in 2 instalments of 15 days each on the first day of ____ and _______ every calendar year.                                                      (  A  )

A 1st Jan/1st July    B   1st June / 1st Dec      C   2ndJan/3rdJune    D 1stJuly/5th July 


4        Ordinarily the maximum leave on average pay that may be granted at a time to a railway servant shall be _______ days.                                                                                (  D  )

            A 50         B     70                C      120                        D   180


5        In the year of appointment, LAP shall be credited to the leave account of an employee at the rate of ____ days for each completed calendar month of service.                 (  C  )

A     0        B   5                      C   2 ½                   D   4


6        A permanent/temporary Railway Servant shall be entitled to leave on half average pay of _______ days in respect of each completed year of service.                                     (  A  )

             A   20 days           B 30 days                  C   80 days          D 10 days


7        The amount of leave on half average pay that can be availed of in one spell shall be limited to ________.                                                                                                            (  B  )

A 20 months             B 24 months             C 36 months          D 90 da


8        Leave not due is debited against the ________ leave, which he is likely to earn subsequently. 

                                                                                                                                     (  C  )

A     LAP                 B  Hospital leave          C     LHAP                 D   LWPD


9        Encashment of LAP upto _____________ days shall not exceed in entire career     (  B  )

A    30 days                 B 60                   C 20                 D   10


10    A railway servant while in service can encash LAP upto ______ days at a time      (  B  )

A      40                       B 10                 C 45                 D    15


11    A female Government servant with less than 02 children may be granted maternity leave for                                                                                                                                ( C )

                    A 100             B 135                    C 180               D   160


12.       CCL for 730 days shall be granted to female railway employee for  _________       (  A  )

      A   First 2 minor children       B   Any number of children 

C   Only one child                   D   None


13.  Maximum of the paternity leave is _____days and shall be availed within_____ months.                                                                                                                                                   (  A  )

A    15days/6months              B  1day/ 3months        

C    2days/ 5months                D  11days/ 12months


14.  Not less than _____days of CCL can be availed at a time.                                                (  C  )

      A     3               B      10                C    5              D    11


15.  _________ leave is granted to a Railway servant who is disabled by injury inflicted or caused in or in consequence of due performance of his official duty or in consequence of his official position.                                                                                                                              (  A  )

A   Work related illness and injury leave(WRILL)      B   LAP        

 C LHAP                                                                       D   Hospital  


16.    Railway servant who is under WRILL is not entitled to earn __________.                       (  C  )

A SP.CL        B    CL       C    LAP/LHAP      D   None of above.


17.  Full pay and allowances shall be granted on account of WRILL is for _____ .                 (  B  )

A  24 months     B Entire period of Hospitalization and Six months Beyond hospitalization

 C   32 months              D    40 months


18.   Period of Study Leave for technical course shall be granted to Rly servants is               ( A  )

A 24 months       B 12 months       C   36 months       D 21 months


19.   Period of Study Leave for medical PG/PHD course shall be granted to Railway servants is                                                                                                                                           (  C  )

A 24 months       B 12 months       C   36 months       D 21 months


20.  In a year ______ days of CL is entitled to an employee appointed in an open line staff.                                                                                                                                               (  A  )

A. 10 days           B 11 days           C   15 days            D None.


21.  As per Hours of Employment Rule employees are classified into ________ number of categories.                                                                                                                         (  A )

A. Four                  B.Three                     C. Two                 D. Six

22.  What is the statutory limit of hours of employment of Intensive Category employee in a week?                                                                                                                            (  B  )

A. 60 Hrs           B. 45 Hours.              C. 75 Hrs           D. 54 Hrs.

23.  What is the statutory limit of hours of employment of Continuous Category employee in a week?                                                                                                                        (  D  )

A.    60 Hrs         B. 45 Hours.           C. 75 Hrs              D. 54 Hrs.


24.  What is the statutory limit of hours of employment of EI Category employee?              (  C  )


A.    60 Hrs in a week   B. 45 Hours in a week.   C. 75 Hrs in a week   D. 54 Hrs. in a week


25.  Standard Hours of duty of Continuous category of employees is _____ hrs in a week.                                                                                                                                                         (  A  )

A.      48 Hrs      B. 45 Hours.           C. 75 Hrs              D. 42 Hrs.


26.  Waiting Room Bearer comes under ________________ Classification                          (  B  )

A.     Intensive category    B.  Essentially Intermittent    C. Continuous    D.  Excluded


27.  Weekly Hours of duty including P&C of continuous category of employees is------ Hrs.                                                                                                                                                    (  D  )

A.      60 Hrs      B. 45 Hours.           C. 72 Hrs              D. 54 Hrs.

28.  In the case of Continuous category of employees more than ____________ hrs of duty is Long on.                                                                                                                     (  D  )

 A. 6 Hrs      B. 12/14 Hours.           C. 10 Hrs              D. 8 Hrs


29.        ___________ is empowered to classify the employment of Railway Servan  (  B  )

A.    DRM         B. Head of the Railways (GM)           C. UPSC         D. Rly Board


30.  Weekly rest for Essentially Intermittent workers is ____________ hrs including a full night in bed.                                                                                                        (  C  )

A.    22 consecutive hrs                        B not less than 30 consecutive hrs                    

C. 24 consecutive hrs                          D.  Equal to 30 consecutive hrs

 31.      Weekly rest of Intensive category of employees is ___________ hrs.                        (  B  )

            A.22 consecutive hrs                          B  not less than 30 consecutive hrs

C. 24 consecutive hrs                          D  Equal to 30 consecutive hrs


32.  In which category Railway employees employed in confidential related work are

Classified?                                                                                                                  (  D  )

A.    Essentially Intermittent  B. Intensive category     C. Continuous    D.  Exclude


       33 .  Maximum how many breaks can be there in a split shift?                                      ( A )

A. Two.                 B. Three              C. Four              D. Single


34    After how many hours of rest an EI category employee can again be called for duty in a day?                                                                                                                               ( D)

A.      6 Hrs      B. 12/14 Hours.           C. 10 Hrs              D. 8 Hrs.


35    After how many hours of rest an Intensive category employee can again be called for duty in a day?                                                                                                                        (  B  )

A.    6 Hrs          B. 12/14 Hours.           C. 10 Hrs              D. 8 Hrs.


36    Within how many days Compensatory Off can be sanctioned?                                 (  A  )

A.    30 days      B. 60 days     C. 45 days      D. no limit


37    . Rough Assessment Job Analysis is conducted for ----------hrs?       (  B  )

A. 6 Hrs      B. 24 Hours.           C. 10 Hrs              D. 8 Hrs.


38    For the Railway servants performing split duty, the number of spells of duty shall not      exceed ____and the number of breaks shall be limited to ____;                                  (  A  )

A.    Three and Two

B.     Three and four

C.     Two and four

D.    None of the above.


39       Appeal against classification of employment can be made to________-               (  C  )

A. General Manager               B. DRM          C. Regional Labour Commissioner

D. Branch Officer.


40     The document which shows employee’s daily hours of duty, weekly rest and break       between spells of duty besides other necessary particulars is called                          (  B  )

            A. Duty Chart             B. Roster         C. Attendance register

D. Overtime Allowance Register


41     Appointment of Regional Labour Commissioner is made through:                         (  C  )

A.    Railway Board B. Human Resource Ministry C. Labour Ministry D. Collector


42     The category of employment in which the employee does not get any rest or very little

      rest in his duty hours is called:                                                                                   ( A )

A. Intensive                 (B) Continuous           (C) Essentially Intermittent (D) Excluded


43     Allowance that is given to Railway servant for performing duty beyond prescribed hours of employment:                                                                                                   (  C  )

(A) Travelling Allowance (B) Dearness Allowance (C) Overtime Allowance

 (D) None among these.


44     Number periods of rest given to running staff in a month if one period of rest is 30 hrs:                                                                                                                                      (  D )

(A) 1                (B) 2                (C) 3                (D) 4


43        Number periods of rest given to running staff in a month if one period of rest is 22 hrs:                                                                                                                                                     (  C  )

(A) 1                (B) 2                (C) 5                (D) 4


44        Appeal against the orders of Regional Labour Commissioner can be made to Central

Labour Commissioner within ______ days.                                                              (  C  )

(A) 30              (B) 60              (C) 90              (D) 180


45.       What is the weekly hours of duty of the Railway servants other than Gateman ‘C’

Caretaker of Rest Houses, Chowkidar, Saloon Attendant, who have not been given

Railway accommodation and their residence is 1 .0 Km away from the place of work?                                                                                                                                                      (  A )

A.      60 Hrs      B. 45 Hours.           C. 72 Hrs              D. 54 Hrs.


46.       Duty period between 22.00hrs to 06.00hrs is treated as Night duty and paid Night duty allowance (NDA)  at hourly rate equal to_______                                                          (  A  )

A.    (Basic pay+ DA)/200  B. (Basic pay+ DA)/100.  C. (Basic pay)/200 D. None.


47.       Which method of Job Analysis is adopted generally for correct classification of employment?                                                                                                                     ( A )

A.    Factual Job Analysis     B. Rough assessment    C. Issuance of certificate       D. None


48        CTG is granted to the railway servant who is transferred on administrative grounds if

            transfer between stations is ------Kms                                                                          (  A  )

A.      20 kms .   B.  30 kms C. 50 Kms       D. 8 Kms


49        CTG shall be granted at the rate of ___________ of last months basic pay             (  B )

A.    100%           B. 80%          C. 75%        C. 180%


50.       The Railway servants (Discipline & Appeal) Rules came into force on _____.       (A )

A. 1968             B. 1972.            C 1966       D. 1978.


            ________form is used for placing a Railway employee under suspension.              (C )

A.    SF-5             B. SF-11            C SF-1       D. SF-2


51.       Suspension is a ------------under D&A Rules, 1968.                                                ( B )

A.    Penalty      B. Not a penalty    C. Major penalty  D. Minor penalty


52.       Rule No.____of The Railway servants (Discipline & Appeal) Rules deals with Suspension.                                                                                                                    ( C )

A.    6                B.7                            C.5                     D. 1


53.       ________form is used for Deemed Suspension                                                       ( D )

A.    SF-5             B. SF-4            C SF-1       D. SF-2


54.       Rule No. ------of The Railway servants (Discipline & Appeal) Rules deals wit  Penalty.                                                                                                             ( A )

A.    6                B.7                   C.5              D. 1


55.       ________ form is used for imposition of Minor Penalty.                                      (D )

A.    SF-5             B. SF-4            C SF-1       D. SF-11.


56.       Compulsory Retirement/Removal/ Dismissal is a ------------under D&A Rules,

            1968.                                                                                                                       (C )

A.    Penalty      B. Not a penalty    C. Major penalty  D. Minor penalty


57.       ________ form is used for imposition of Major Penalty.                                      (A )

A.    SF-5             B. SF-4            C SF-1       D. SF-2


58.       Major Penalty shall not be imposed on Railway Servant without conducting ___  ( B )

A.    Meeting                 B. Inquiry.       C.Election       D. Selection.


59.       Rule No. 9 of The Railway servants (Discipline& Appeal) Rules deals with       

Procedure for imposing ___________ penalty.                                                          (A)         A.Major       B. Minor        C. Suspension      D. Revoke of Suspension.


60.       ________ form is used for nomination of Inquiry Officer.                                       (B )

A.    SF-5             B. SF-7            C SF-1       D. SF-2


61.       ________ form is used to appoint a Presenting Officer.                                          ( A )

A.    SF-8             B. SF-4            C SF-1       D. SF-2


62.       __________________ equal to leave on half salary, will be drawn in case the employee is under suspension.                                                                               (B)                                                   

A.    Dearness Allowance      B. Subsistence Allowance    C Suspension Allowance    


63        As per rule 17 of DAR rules No appeal lies against any order of an _____________ nature or of the nature of step in aid of the final disposal of a disciplinary proceedings.                                                                                                            ( C )

         A. Minor Penalty    B. Major Penalty    C. Interlocutory   D. None


64.  The appeal against an order of the Disciplinary Authority can be preferred by the Appellant in his __________                                                                                 ( A )

A.    Own name.    B. DisciplinaryAuthority.  C. Appellate Authority   D. GM


65 .      The appeal shall be preferred to any higher authority other than the -----------.  ( A )

A.    Disciplinary Authority.     B. DRM    C.  Appellate Authority   D. GM


66.       Rule 25 of the RS(D&A) Rules deal with _____________.                          ( C )

A. Review.      B. Appeal      C. Revision.    D. Witness


67.       Rule 25.A of the RS(D&A) Rules deal with _____________.                      ( A )

A.    Review.   B. Appeal      C. Explanation.    D. Witness


68.       An authority not lower than ___________________ shall impose the penalties of Dismissal/Removal/Compulsory retirement.                                                  ( D )

A.    Disciplinary Authority.     B. GM             C. Appellant Authority

D.    Appointing Authority


69.       The disciplinary proceedings should be ------------------on the death of the charged employee.                                                                                                       (A)                                                                                                                         

A.    Closed immediately          B. Continued     C. Temporarily closed         

D. None


70.       What is the time limit for submission of written statement of defence by the delinquent Railway Servant?                                                                                       (D  )

A. 6                           B.7                            C.5                          D. 10


71.       If the charge is unauthorized absence, _________ can be one of the witnesses.    (A )

A.    Attendance Register     B. Medical Certificate     C. Co- employee. D. None


72.       Appeal shall be entertained unless preferred within _________ days.               ( D )

A.    100            B. 10                C. 30               D. 45


73.       Dispute between workmen and workmen which is connected with the employment or non-employment is called---------.                                                                                  ( A )

A. Industrial Dispute   B. Personal Dispute    C. Trade Union dispute           D. All


74.       Labour Courts are established under the ------------------------                                    ( A )

A. ID Act, 1947          B. PD Act                    C. Trade Union Act, 1926      D. All


75.       As per ID Act 1947, "--------------" means the termination by the employer of the service of a workman for any reason whatsoever, otherwise than as a punishment inflicted by way of disciplinary action.                                                                                            ( A )

A. Retrenchment        B. closure                     C. layoff            D. lock out


76.     Which among the following is/are true regarding Industrial Disputes? [Sec 2(k)] 

          "Industrial dispute" means any dispute or difference.                                                  (  B )

            A.        1) Between employers and workmen

B.        2) Between employers and employers

            C.        3) Between workmen and workmen              

             D.      4) None

           A. 1, 2                          B.1, 2 &3                    C. 2, 3             D. none


77.  .In the case of any industrial establishment in which 100 or more workmen are employed on

any day in the preceding 12 months, the appropriate Government, may by general or special order require the employer to constitute a ___________.                                 ( A )

          A. Works Committee     B. Labour court      C. Tribunal      D. Arbitrators


78.     As per ID Act, no person employed in a public utility service shall go on strike, in breach   

          of contract without giving to the employer notice of strike, within before striking or

          within- ---------- of giving such notice.                                                                         ( A )

A.6 weeks/ 14 Days     B. 5 weeks/ 12 Day   C. 8 weeks/ 10 days    D. 3 weeks/ 3days


79.     As per the Payment of Wages Act, 1936 no wage-period shall exceed --------days     ( D )

A. 15                           B.   20                          C. 25                          D.30 days


80.    Staff Benefit Fund (SBF) works for the benefit of ----------- Railway Employees.       ( B )

         A. Gazetted.           B. Non Gazetted       C. Trade unions    D. All the above


81.    Permanent Negotiating Machinery functions in __________ tier system.                    (  A )

         A. Three                  B Four                         C. Five                 D. Six


82.    ____ number of meetings held at Divisional PNM level.                                              ( D )

        A. Three                   B Four                         C. Five                 D. Six


83.     ____ number of meetings held at Zonal PNM level.                                                   (  B )

        A. Three                   B Four                         C. Five                 D. Six

84.     ____ number of meetings two with each Federations will be held at Board PNM level.                                                                                                                                                        (  B )

         A. Three                  B Four                         C. Five                  D. Six


85.     Issues not settled in Railway Board PNM shall be referred to ___________             (  A )         

        A. Adhoc Tribunal    B. Labour Court     C.High Court      D. Parliament


86.     JCM Refers to --------------                                                                                          (  A )

A. Joint Consultative Machinery      B.    Joint Common Machinery

C. Joint Collective Machinery.         D.    Joint Constructive Machinery.


87.      In Railways, JCM function in --------- levels.                                                           ( A )

          A.    2                           B.   3               C.4                   D.7


88.     In N-JCM __________ will act as Chairman                                                         (  B )

          A. Speaker of Lok Sabha  B. Cabinet Secretary          C. PMO           D. Governor


89.      Chairman of D-JCM is ____________                                                                        ( A )

           A. Member Staff          B.  CRB     C. Member Traffic   D. Member Infrastructure


90.     Participation in illegal strike amounts to__________                                                  ( D )

            A.  Dies-non                B. LWP           C.  LHAP           D. Break in service


91.       PREM refers to _____________                                                                                ( A )

            A. Participation of Railway Employees in Management

             B.  Participation of Railway Employees in Manufacturing

             C. Participation of Railway Employees in Maintenance

             D. Participation of Railway Employees in Modernization


92.       PREM functions in __________ levels                                                                      ( A )

              A. 3               B.    4                          C.      6                        D.     8


93.       PREM meetings at Railway Board level is chaired by __________                          ( A )

             A. CRB          B.  Member Staff        C. Member Rolling Stock      

 D.  Member Traction


94.       Workman Compensation Act re-named as________                                                 (  A )

A. Employee Compensation Act                    B. Employer Compensation Act

C. Employment Compensation Act                D. none


95.        EC Act provide __________ for injury/Death by accident on duty                         ( B )

             A. Treatment              B. Compensation         C. Conviction             D. none


96.        As per EC Act there are _____&___ types of disablements                                     ( B )

             A. Small/Big              B. Partial/Total           C. Simple/Major          D. none


97.        Employer is not liable for compensation if injury is due to _____                           ( D )

A. Influence of drinks/drugs                         B. Willful disobedience of rules

C. Willful removal of safety gadgets            D. all the above


98.        The compensation amount shall be deposited with _________                                ( C )

             A. Bank          B.   Employees account           C. Labour Commissioner       D. none


99.        Exgratia lumpsum compensation is paid to the families of railway employees       ( A )

A. who die in harness in performance of bonafide official duties

B. who die in harness in performance of non-official duties

C. who die in service   D. none


100.      Exgratia Lumpsum amount paid for death occurring due to accident in course of

performance of duties is ______________                                                               ( A )

              A. 25 lakhs                            B.  30 lakhs                  C. 20 lakhs                 D. 35 lakhs


101.        Pension is paid to ________ Railway Servants on retirement from service           ( A )

            A. pre 1-1-2004 appointed employees            B. post 1-1-2004 employees

            C. appointed on or after 1-1-2004                              D. none


102.        Pension is subject to _________                                                                             ( A  )

             A.   Future good conduct      B. Future bad conduct             C. both A&B    D. none.


103.      Superannuation Pension is paid who retires with minimum _____ qualifying service                                                                                                                                                         ( A )

               A. 10                        B. 20                           C. 30                           D.  32


104.       Amount of Pension shall not be paid less than____ of last months pay at the time of   

     retirement with effect from 1-1-2006                                                                    (D )


               A. 20%                     B. 30%                         C. 40%                       D.  50%


105.         ____ days of both LAP & LHAP are entitled for encashment of leave at the time of     

    Retirement                                                                                                               ( B )

                A. 50                        B.   300                        C. 250                          D. 125


106.           Maximum amount of gratuity shall not be more than ____                                 ( A )

                A. 20 lakhs              B. 30 lakhs                  C. 40 lakhs                  D. 60 lakhs


107.         Compassionate allowance shall be sanctioned to ______by competent authority( A )

            A. Railway Servant who is removed/dismissed        

B. Railway servant on voluntary retirement

            C. Superannuation                                           D.None


108.       Minimum pension as per 7th PC is _________                                                        ( C )

               A. 7000                     B.  4500                      C. 9000                      D 3500


109.      Deposit linked Insurance Scheme is linked with ---------- and paid to his ____ subject     

   to maximum of 60,000                                                                                            (A )

            A. Balance of PF of deceased Employee / family   

B. service of deceased Employee / family                

C. nil balance of PF of deceased Employee / family      

D. none


110.       The maximum amount of Pension that can be commuted is ___.                            ( B )

 A.30% of pension         B. 40% of pension           C. 20% of pension    D. 50% of pension


111.         The family pension shall not be less than _________% of the minimum of the scale

               held by     the employee at the time of retirement/death.                                            ( B )

   A. 50%                      B.30%                        C 35%                         D. 60%


112.       The enhanced family pension shall not be less than _________% of the minimum of the 

     Scale held by the employee at the time of retirement/death.                                 ( A )

 A. 50%                       B.30%                         C 35%                         D. 60%


113.       Pensioner would be entitled restore his commuted pension after expiry of ___ years

( C )

              A.20                          B. 12                            C 15                           D      16


114.      PRCP are admissible to Railway Servant retired after putting in __ years of service ( A )

              A.20                          B. 12                            C 15                           D      16


115.       Railway Servant with minimum of -----of qualifying service are entitled for Voluntary 

             Retirement, by giving three months advance notice.                                                ( D)

            A. 30 years            B. 10 years                    C. 33 years                             D. 20 years


116.        ----- amount of Fixed Medical Allowance is paid to the opted pensioner/ Family

  Pensioner per month w.e.f. 01.07.2017                                                                    ( A )

A.Rs.1000             B. Rs.3000.                      C. Rs.2500                              D. Nil


117.  Gratuity is paid @ ¼ months pay per each completed half year of the service subject to

a  maximum of ------- months’ pay or Rs.20 lacs, whichever is less                          ( D)

A. 15 times                  B. 12 times                   C. 20 times                

            D. 16 ½ times.


118.    Period of Retention of Railway Quarters on account of missing of Railway Servant is upto 

            __ Months.                                                                                                                  (  B  )

A. 24                           B 36                            C. 12                                       D. None.


119.     The validity of privilege pass_______                                                                       (   C )       (a) 1 month        b) 2 months     c) 5 months     d) 4 months

120.     The validity of Privilege Ticket Order (P.T.O)______                                              (   C )    (a) 1 month      b) 2 months     c) 5 months     d) 4 months

121.     The no. of privilege passes eligible for a Rly.Employee having three and a  half years of service is _______ sets.                                                                                      (  A )

       (a) 1 set     (b)  2 sets    (c)   3 sets   (4)  4 sets

122.     The no. of privilege passes eligible for a Rly.Employee having six years of service is _______ sets.                                                                                                                          ( C )

       (a) 1 set     (b)  2 sets    (c)   3 sets   (4)  4 sets

123.     Maximum number of dependents can be included in a pass / PTO _______             (   A)           

             (a)  2                  b) 3               c)  4               d) 1

124.     Group ‘D’ employees with service 25 years and more are eligible for          ____  set of

            post     retirement complimentary passes every year                                                 ( B)

      (a)  2                  b) 1               c)  3               d) 4

125.     Colour of Second Class Privilege pass                                                                       ( D )

            (a)  white         b) Yellow        C) Green         d) Pink

126.    Colour of First Class Privilege pass                                                                            ( C )

            (a)  white         b) Yellow        C) Green         d) Pink

127.  Following Married Daughter is eligible to be included in Privilege pass                     ( D )

            a) Below 18Yrs           b) Below 21Yrs           c) any age        d) not eligible

128.     The following unmarried daughter is eligible to be included in Privilege pass         ( C)

            a) a) Below 18Yrs       b) Below 21Yrs           c) any age        d) not eligible

129. If both Wife & Husband are employed in Railways eligibility of availing  privilege passes                                                                                                                                                                


        a) both are eligible          b)  any one is eligible c) all free passes eligible d) all PTO eligible


130.    A Government servant holding in Group 'A' post; may accept gifts from his near relatives  

          or  from his personal friends having no official dealings with him, but shall make a report    

          to the  Government, if the value of such gift exceeds                                                  [ A]

a)      Rs 25000/-            (b) Rs 20000/-            (c) Rs 15000/-            (d) Rs 10000/


131.   A Government servant holding in Group 'C' post; may accept gifts from his near relatives 

         or from his personal friends having no official dealings with him, but shall make a report to   

        the Government, if the value of such gift exceeds                                                         [ B ]

a)      Rs 10000/-            (b) Rs 7500/-               (c) Rs 5000/-              (d) Rs 2500/-


132      A Government servant in group 'C' or 'D' shall not accept any gift without sanction of the

Government if the value thereof exceeds.                                                                  [ C]

a)      Rs1500/-    (b) Rs1000/-   (c) Rs500/-     (d) Rs250/-


When employee is kept under suspension, he is eligible for _______                       [ A]

(a) Subsistence Allowance (b) Failing Allowance

(c) Supervision Allowance (d) None of the above


133.      An acting Rly. Servant can be allowed to act as Defence counsel?                          ( A )
(a) 2 No. of cases        (b) 3 No. of cases           (c) 4 No. of cases       (d) 5 No. of cases


134.     Which deduction from subsistence allowance cannot be made?                                 (B)

             (a) House Rent           (b) P.F. subscription     (c) Income Tax                  (d) None


135.     Which of the following deduction is prohibited from subsistence allowance?           ( C )
  (a) House Rent          (b) Income Tax           (c) Court attachment            (d) Station  debits


136.     How many types of standard forms that are used while initiating action against any

            Railway   employee under  D&A Rules, 1968.                                                             ( C )
               (a) One                     (b) Five                       (c) Eleven                    (d) Seven


137.      Penalty of compulsory retirement, removal or dismissed from service should be imposed     

            only by                                                                                                                        ( C )
           (a) controlling officer                          (b) disciplinary authority
           (c) appointing authority                       (d) none


138.     Under which circumstances ‘ex-parte’ inquiry can be held?
             (a)Charge official does not appear before I.O. more than two occasion.                   ( A)
             (b) Presenting Officer not appear before IO

            (c) Disciplinary Authority not appear before IO
             (d )None of these.


139.      During the pendency of a penalty of stoppage of pass/PTO whether promotion of a

Railway staff will be affected.
(a) promotion will be affected                                                                                    (B)
(b) promotion will not be affected
(c) promotion will effect after expiry of punishment  (d) none of these


140.     Which of the following is not termed as penalty under DAR 1968?                          ( C )
           (a) Censure       (b) Withdrawing of promotion           (c) Suspension             (d)  None


141.     Which of the following person is not allowed to be engaged as defence counsel?   ( C )
            (a) A serving Rly. Employee              (b) A retired Rly. Employee
            (c) A legal petitioner                           (d) A trade union official


142.     Which authority can make a cut in  pensionary benefit                                            ( C )
            (a) GM            (b) Rly.Board      (c) President of India           (d) None


143.     Whether pension is payable in the cases of removal or dismissal of a railway servant?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       ( C )
            (a) Pension is payable.                        (b) Pension is not payable.
            (c) Compassionate allowance can be considered.           (d) None of these.


144.   After retirement a charge sheet can be issued only by the                                         ( C )
             (a) GM                                   (b) Controlling officer

(c) President of India             (d) Chief Personnel Officer Justice of Supreme Court


145.     Which penalty does not effect for promotion?                                                         ( A )
            (a) Stoppage of pass/PTO’s    (b) Reduction in post             
            (c) Dismissed from service       (d) None

146.     Inquiry is not necessary when an employee                                                             ( B)
            (a) Intoxication of Alcohol                             (b) Conviction of criminal charge
            (c) Misuse of Rly. property                             (d) Misbehaviour with supervisor


147.     The rate of contribution to join RELHS for Level 7 to  Level 10 employees as per the 7th Pay Commission shall be last month's basic pay drawn or _______amount whichever is lower

( A )

A.Rs.78, 000                   B. Rs.30, 000.                     C. Rs.1, 20,000         D. 54,000