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Thursday, June 8, 2023

PTO - Preferential Traffic Order


PTO - Preferential Traffic Order   

  • Section 70 of the Railways Act, 1989 - First comes first to serve - Basis for Booking and transportation of Goods.  No priority or No preference  


  •  Section 71 of Railway Act, 1989 - Orders are issued by Central Government to Railways Administration from time to time - For giving priority or preference to booking and transportation of particular types of commodities in the interest of the Nation / Public in General or for Industrial Development. 


  • PTO - Preferential Traffic Order - Published by the Central Govt in Gazetted and informed the Railway Administration.  


  • PTO validity - 1 Year.  


  • The priority route is decided and Goods are carried by that route only




Military Traffic sponsored by MILRAIL and approved by the Railway Board


Emergency Relief works (for natural calamities like floods, drought, earthquakes etc)  - Sponsored by an Officer, not below the rank of Dy.Secretary of Central / State Government or by a Non-Government Organisation.  

Food grains, Levy Sugar for PDS - Public Distribution System & other welfare programs sponsored by FCI - Food Corporation of India and Other commodities sponsored by the Central Govt agencies which are approved by the Railway Board. 


All Programmed traffic - Approved by the Railway Board or Zonal Railways under Monthly / Quarterly Programme.  

Coal - Sponsoring by Coal companies (Public or Private - Accepted by EDRM/Kolkata for ER, ECR, SER, SECR & ECoR. For other Railways - COM/CFTM

RMS - Raw Material for Steel plants - Sponsored by Steel producers - Accepted by EDRM/Kolkata for ER, ECR, SER, SECR & ECoR. For other Railways - COM/CFTM

Edible Salt - Sponsored by Salt Commissioner - Accepted by Zonal Railways 

Fertilizers - Sponsored by Fertiliser plants  - Accepted by Zonal Railways  

POL - Petroleum, Oil & Lubricants - Sponsored by Oil Companies - Accepted by Railway Board


All other Traffic not included in A, B & C

General Instruction:  

  •  Block Rake traffic is preferred over Peice-meal Traffic. 

  •  Traffic will have preference over other Traffic within the same class of Priority in the following order: 


  1. Traffic guaranteed under special Schemes 

  2. Traffic booked from Full rake handling siding having mechanized loading facility. 

  3. Single Point Block rakes over two-point / multi-point mini rakes  

  4. Two days in a week shall be reserved and notified for allotment of rakes as per the ODR - Date of Registration irrespective of the class of priority.   

  •  Any Traffic under special orders of the Ministry of Railways / Railway Board / Zonal Railways 

Key points for MCQ 

  1. PTO stands for Preferential Traffic Order 

  2. PTO validity - 1 Year   

  3. PTO - Issued by Central Govt and published in Gazette

  4. No of Priorities under PTO - 4 

  5. MIL RAIL - Military wing of the Railways  (Office at Sena Bhawan, Army Hqrs) 

  6. Railways Act - Year 1989 

  7. PDS stands for Public Distribution System 

  8. RMS stands for Raw Material for Steel plants 

  9. POL stands for Petroleum, Oil, & Lubricants