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Sunday, July 28, 2019

Accounts office - Various Sections

Accounts office - Various Sections

1.       Administration  - All the staff matters of Accounts dept. such as appointment, posting, fixation of pay, preparation of seniority list and other personal matters.

2.       Establishment  -  Passing of salary bills & other misc bills of Gazetted and Non gazetted staff

3.       Finance Expenditure - Scrutiny of all the proposals effecting railway finances & tendering financial advice to the executive concerned, critical examination of the tender documents including contract agreements etc.

4.       Finance Establishment - Scrutiny of proposals for creation of new posts, extensions of the currency of temporary posts, up gradation of certain posts.

5.       Provident section: Maintenance of PF/NPS account of all the employees, settlement of PF/NPS at the tune of retirement, death etc. passing of various advances & withdrawals from PF, transfer of PF account, in case of transferred employees.

6.       Pension & Settlement section: All the matters in connection with arranging the payments of final settlement due, DCRG, pension, leave salary etc. in favour of the railway employees who have retired from the Rly service or ceased to be an Rly employee due to various reasons.

7.       Books / Booking -  Maintenance general books  i.e. cash book, journal, ledger etc. preparation of monthly & annual account current, consolidation and submission of monthly & annual returns to the Rly Board, raising & accepting debits / Credits issued to any by various divisions / Rlys. Other Govt. Depts. Etc,  preparation of cheques & post Audit of all the paid vouchers are dealt with this section unpaid wages, pay orders are passed by this section.

8.       Budget -  Compilation of Budget estimates recd from various depts  & timely submission of the same to the Rly. Board Office, compilation of appropriation accounts, preparation of Monthly, Quarterly financial reviews as a managerial tool of financial control.

9.       Expenditure -  Make prompt payment of all the works bills preferred against the railways including contractors bills for work done,

10.   Inspection & Audit -  Examine the initial books/records maintained by various executive dept. including accounts offices. Prompt disposal of all the audit objection including inspection reports / draft Para / audit notes.

11.   R & D ( Receipts & Dispatch) / record section - Receipts & Dispatch of all the communications in the account office. Similarly systematic various types of paid vouchers making available the same as & when required, storing of the forms & stationary including various types of books & registers and supply of the same to the various sections when demanded for.

12.   Traffic Accounts - primarily deals in the internal check & compilation of Traffic earnings from the station returns. In addition, It conducts inspection by its inspectional staff to check the primary document from which the station returns are prepared. Maintenance of traffic book,

13.   Cash and Pay - Responsible for the receipt of all the department cash receivable to the Rly Admn. on account of various services rendered by the Rlys, prompt deposit of the same in the RBI/ SBI . Disbursement of all the cash in respect of various types of bills passed for payment by the account officers from time to time.

14.   Stores - A. Advising to Stores dept in respect of procurement of Material & deciding the policies for effective inventory management. B. Arranging prompt & correct payment to all suppliers & vendors. C. Maintenance of accountal of material procured. D. Watching of liabilities incurred against Budget Grant. E. Accountal & arranging payment of Fuel i.e. Diesel & Lubricants purchased for the purpose of traffic operations. F. Assistance in sale of Scrap material & accountal thereof. G. Maintenance of Books & Ledgers as per the requirement of Govt. Accounting. H. Periodical inspection of Livestock & Dead Stock of all over the Zonal Rlys. Offices. I. Dealing with the proposal required for Rolling Stock & Workshops material and accountal thereof.

15.   Workshop Accounts - Maintenance of costing data in related to workshops, Preparation of WMS account, Raising of Debits of work done against the various railways, Calculation of Incentive etc