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Monday, August 13, 2018

Cash Remittance Note

Cash Remittance Note
                                              Station Accounts - Without books  2016  - 5 marks

·         CR (Cash Remittance) Note  is the Remittance Note used by the Station Masters for sending the cash, Cheques & Vouchers to the Cash Office

·         Serially numbered and bound in Book.

·         Prepared in 3 foils.
o   First  -Block Foil - Retained with the Station Master. 

o   Second - Counter foil sent to the Traffic Accounts office by the Cashier . duly stamped with the office seal and signed by the Cashier and the Cash witness and return the same to the Station Master. The same should be attached to the respective Block foil.

o   Third - Outermost foil passing to the Traffic Accounts Office

·          Only One C R Note  - for remittance of all the cash received at the Station from all Sources.

·         Erasures/alterations in the CR Note are totally forbidden.  If it is required, fresh one is prepared duly cancel the incorrect one.

·         Reverse side of CR Note - Details of Currency notes, cheques & Vouchers which represent cash should be noted. If space is not sufficient, a separate memo should be prepared in manuscript.

·         Must be personally signed by the Station Master or authorized person and stamped with his station cash seal.

·         A memo of vouchers must invariably be prepared separately for goods and coaching vouchers. The memo of vouchers, together with the vouchers, should be placed in an envelope which should be sealed and the total amount of the vouchers enclosed should be clearly recorded on the outside of the cover.

·         The number of the cash bag in which the cash is remitted should be entered on all the three foils of the cash remittance note.

·         Nil CR Note - prepared with the word NIL on CR, if there  is no cash.

·         Responsibility of Traffic Cash witness - Signing the counterfoils of CR note and see  the entries of the CR notes are correctly made in the Cash Office records.

·         If a cash receipt is not received back in time, the Station Master should immediately report its non-receipt to the Cashier.

·         The credit on account of cash and vouchers should be taken in the balance sheet on the basis of the cash receipts received from the Cashier and not on the basis of remittances.

Procedure - Railway Stations/out agencies permitted to pay their cash collections direct to nearest authorised Bank:

·         Each remittance should be sent to the authorized Bank with the book of TR Notes (Treasury Remittance Notes) printed in blue paper in the proforma appearing at Appendix XXIV/E

·         TR note containes - 3 foils.

·         The Bank, will write in words at the foot of each form for the amount received, will retain the third foil and return the book with first and second foils duly signed. 

·         The foil bearing the signature of the said officer should be sent to the Cashier along with the cash remittance note.