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Sunday, January 26, 2020

ERW - Environment Related Works

ERW - Environment Related Works

·          Authority: Board's letter No.2016/EnHM/13/02 dated 13.05.2016  
·         EnHM - Environment and Housekeeping Management Directorate is new one in Indian Railways.
·          Railway is the most energy efficient transport as compared to road and air modes. Accordingly, strengthening and augmentation of rail network enables modal shift of passenger and freight traffic to Railways which helps in reducing GHG (Green House Gases) emissions. Apart from this, Indian Railways on their own also need to take additional measures to protect and contain the impact on environment due to their activities.
·      Provision for all environment related works should be thoroughly assessed and made in itemized form in the Estimates for Works.

·         Where itemized provision is not contemplated/could not be assessed at the stage of preparing estimate, a lurnpsum provision equivalent to one percent of the cost of work to facilitate execution of required environment impact mitigation works as found necessary later, may be kept to address the environmental concerns.

·         However, itemised provision and Lumpsum provision shall not co-exist in the estimate.

·         1 % Provision for ERW - Not applicable for Plan Heads 17 - Computerization and 31- Track Renewal Works and works chargeable to EBR (IF)

·         Implementation of such works are monitored by EnHM wing  on Zonal Railway / Division(Environment and Housekeeping Management)

·         Such approved works within Zonal Railway shall figure in separate Annexure under the heading "Environment Related Works under lumpsump provision of identified estimate" and the works will continue to figure in List Of Approved works (LAW) till 'its completion and closing of accountal.
·         Such works should generally be completed within two years
List of ERW - Environment Related Works

1.       Water conservation works i.e., Rain water harvesting, Water recycling plant etc
2.      Sewage treatment plant
3.       Effluent treatment plant
4.       Solid waste management solutions e.g. waste to compost, waste to energy plants etc
5.       Solar energy plants including PV modules for off-grid applications e.g. for hospitals,  stations, office buildings colonies, LC gates, signaling equipments etc
6.       Energy efficient lighting fixtures
7.       Use of Green Building features in built up space to be constructed/renovated etc.
8.       Afforestation including development of green areas
9.       Water efficient fixtures
10.   Protection and/or improvement of water bodies in railway land which helps in recharging the aquifer.
11.   Measures for mitigation of Air & Water pollution during construction & operation
12.   Construction and Demolition waste recycling Plant
13.   Measures for natural air-conditioning of the' building including geo-thermal cooling.
14.   Environment related studies including water audit and/or energy audit and works relating to implementation of recommendations of such audits.
15.    Environment related monitoring devices and tools
16.   Any other item required as per local Regulations and Court order for upkeep of environment
17.   Construction & up gradation of Toilets at Railway Stations and in Coaches.