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Monday, July 4, 2022

TEFD - Traditional Empty Flow Direction

 TEFD - Traditional Empty Flow Direction

  • Railway Board’s Corrigendum No.5 to Rate Circular No.13 of 31-3-2022

  • Validity from 01-04-2022 to 31-03-2023.

  • Objects: To reduce the empty run ratio on IR and to garner additional revenue to


  • Automatic rebate through computerized FOIS system.

  • Notified streams on TEFD shall be based on the flow of empties between

divisions in case of Intra - zonal traffic and between notified divisions of

other zones in case of inter-zonal traffic.

  • Traffic under TEFD can be booked from end to end or from any terminal of

the originating division of empty flow stream to any intermediate terminal in

the direction of the empty flow stream.

  • Permitted wagons such as  Open – BOXN group, pure BOST rakes, Covered –BCN and BCNHL group, Flat wagons and mixed steel rakes – BRN group, BOST group and CONCORD

  • Concession under TEFD i.e., Inter-Zonal and Intra-Zonal traffic.

  • Percentage of concession under TEFD - 20% or 15% on NTR of an applicable Class rate subject to floor limit of NTR of Class-100.

  • Restricted Commodities are Iron Ore (all types)/Coal & Coke/Chemical Manures/ POL traffic/RMC traffic/Military traffic/Commodities under Class 100 & 100A and less than LR-1.

Lead restriction

  • Short lead traffic of less than or equal to 100 km shall not be eligible under this scheme.

  • Minimum offer of traffic shall be half rake of – - BCN/BCNA/BCNAHS -10; BCNHL – 10; BOXN Group – 29

  • Traffic booked under this scheme shall not be re booked, diverted, or given delivery short of the destination.