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Wednesday, April 22, 2020




By Shri Damodar Prasad, Sr.AFA (Retd)


Source: Official Twitter account of Indian Railways Click here

·         Acronym of Integrated Material Management System.


·         Initially  Materials  Management  Information  System  (MMIS)  was  developed  by  Central Railway  in  1998 year.


·         Covered PCMM office, Stores Accounts Office and Major Depots of  the Central Railway.


·         MMIS  - Areas



Generating PO - Purchase Order

Generating ERM - Electronic Requirement Mandate

RO - Receipt Order

Issue Note


·         MMIS - Generation of the following Reports

A.      Details of slow moving items.

B.      Quantities available as on date.

C.      Pending POs (Purchase Orders)


·          MMIS  has  undergone  several  customizations  and  is  implemented  at  most  of  the  Stores Depots; Divisions  & Stores finance  branches  all  over  Indian  Railways. 


·         MMIS  to iMMS - This decentralized  MMIS  running  on  individual server  in  Zonal  Railways  is  being  integrated  at  CRIS  (Centre  for  Railway  Information Systems),  New  Delhi  with  the  iMMS  (Integrated  Material  Management  System)  web  based application  on  central  servers. 


·         First phase of iMMS - Local  purchase  module  of  iMMIS  has  been rolled  out  for  implementation  in  all  depots  and  divisions  of  stores  department  of  Zonal Railways,  both  for  Stock  &  Non-Stock  items.   


·         iMMS  -  catering  depot  transaction (Issue/  Receipt)  of  all  the  Indian  Railways.


·          iMMS  to IPAS   - Once  this  application  is  fully  implemented  and integrated  with  IPAS  it  will  take  care  of  all  the  payments  and  suspense  head  operated  in Stores Accounts.