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Wednesday, April 12, 2023

SGF - Sovereign Green Fund - a New Sourcce of Finance under erstwhile Demand Number 16 ( Capital Expenditure)


SGF - Sovereign Green Fund  

  • SGF stands for Sovereign Green Fund 


  • SGB stands for Sovereign Green Bonds

  • New Source of Finance - Introduced in FY 2023-24  


  • SGF comes under Major Head 8235 (General & Other Reserve Funds). Nirbhaya Fund also comes under MH 8235.


  • Plan Heads to be financed by SGF - PH 2100 - Rolling Stock and PH 8100 - MTP - Metropolitan Transport Projects.  


  • The first two numerals of SGF in the Classification of Capital Expenditure are 35 (maybe 35 taken from the Major Head 8235) 


  • The source of SGF is SGB - Sovereign Green Bonds   

SGB - Sovereign Green Bonds:  

  • Launched recently in India in the year 2022 


  • To raise money for Green Infrastructure. 


  • To meet India’s goal - Net-Zero Carbon emissions by 2070  


  • Definition of Green Bond (by World Bank): A Debt security that is issued to raise money for initiatives that are relevant to the environment or the climate.  

  • The First ever Green Bond - issued by the World Bank in 2008 


  • Sectors - Green Buildings, Sustainable Transportation (Metro Rail), Renewable Energy, etc.  


  • NDC stands for Nationally Determined Contribution  (A nationally determined contribution is a non-binding national plan highlighting climate change mitigation, including climate-related targets for greenhouse gas emission reductions)


  • GFWC - Green Finance Working Committee  - to look after the issuing of SGB 


  • Investors (of SGB) may offer Tax incentives or Tax exemptions.   

Key points for MCQ

  1. SGF stands for Sovereign Green Fund 


  1. SGB stands for Sovereign Green Bonds 


  1. SGF used for Plan Heads - 2100 (Rolling Stock) and 8100 (MTP - Metropolitan Transport Projects) 


  1. Major Head for SGF - 8235 - General & Other Reserve Funds 


  1. The first two numerals of SGF in Capital Classification are 35 


  1. The Source of SGF is SGB  


  1. Net Zero Carbon Emission - India’s Goal to Achieve by 2070 


  1.  The First-ever issue of Green Bond - 2008 by World Bank 


  1. NCD stands for Nationally Determined Contribution 


  1. GFWC stands for Green Finance Working Committee    


  1. EBR stands for Extra Budgetary Sources

The First two numerals of different sources of Finance in Capital Classification are  

The First two numerals

Source of Finance




DRF - Depreciation Reserve Fund


Development Fund - I


Development Fund - II


Development Fund - III


Development Fund - IV


Capital Fund


RSF - Railway Safety Fund


SRSF - Special Railway Safety Fund


Capital - Nirbhaya Fund


RRSK - Rashtriya Rail Sanrakshak Kosh


Capital (Covid)


SGF - Sovereign Green Fund


EBR - PPP (Public Private Partnership


EBR - IF (Infrastructure Finance)


EBR - IRFC (Bonds)


EBR - Special


  • It is high time to streamline or restructure all the above Sources of Finance.  Because Many Funds are not funded sufficiently by the Government because of poor internal surplus owing to the non-rising of fares in Indian Railways. (in last 12 years) 

  • The objectives of the above Funds are overlapping one other.  

  • It is learned, that the Indian Railways already formed a committee to look into the above issue.