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Thursday, January 12, 2023

MPP - Man Power Planning


MPP - Man Power Planning in Indian Railways

  • Also called as HR Human Resource planning


Necessity of MPP 


  • In view of changes in Technology, Working system and redundancies. 

  • To meet the requirements of posts for manning and operating the new assets especially in safety categories. 

MPP Consists of: 

  1. Assessing requirement of right number of Employees

  2. Recruiting right kind of people

  3. Imparting appropriate training to them.

  4. Placing them at the right place and at the right time.

  5. Extracting the work from them for which they are employed for achievement of goals of the organization.

MPP & Indian Railways 

  1. Railway Board

  2. 17 Zonal Railways

  3. 68 Divisions

  4. 12 Manufacturing Units (Production Units)

  5. Workshops

  6. RDSO at Lucknow

  7. 8 CTIs Centralized Training Institutes

  8. 21 RRBs - Railway Recruitment Boards

  9. Zonal & Divisional Training Centers

  10. Miscellaneous Institutions


Technical : Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering,  Signal & Telecommunication, & Stores. 

Non Technical: Accounts, Personnel & Traffic (Operating & Commercial) 

Miscellaneous: General Administration, RPF, Medical, Vigilance, Planning & Work study, Public Relations, Raj Bhasha, Schools & Colleges, Statistics, Sports etc.   

Work force:  Approximately 12.5 Lakhs (both Officers and Staff). 


  1. Group A & Group B  - Gazetted 

  2. Group C - Non - Gazetted (on the recommendations of 7th PC, Group D is merged with Group C)

Grades in Gazetted: (  Group-A and Group-B )

  •  HAG , SAG, SG , JAG, SS, JS (All Group-A) 

  •  Asst Scale ( Gr B)

  •  GM is over all Head of Zonal Railway (HAG)

  •  PHOD is over all Head of a Department (HAG/SAG)

  •  DRM is over all Head of a Division (HAG/SAG)

  •  CWM is over all Head of a Workshop (HAG/SAG)

  •  Branch Officer is Head of a Dept in Divn/WS (JAG/SG)

Grades in Non- Gazetted ( Group-C and erstwhile Group-D): 

Technical Staff,  Non-Technical Staff, Running Staff (Loco Pilots/ Asst Loco Pilots/Guards), Non-Running Staff and Ministerial Staff ( Office staff) 

Officers and Staff pattern: 

Every Technical department has: 

  • Gazetted Officers ( Officers /Engineers/ Managers) and 

  • Non-Gazetted staff such as -  Senior Section Engineers (SSEs),  Junior Engineers (JEs),Technicians ,Helpers, Office staff ( Ch OS, OS, Sr Clerk, Jr Clerk, Stenos, Peons).

Every Non-Technical department has: 

  • Gazetted Officers (Officers/Managers) 

  • Non-Gazetted staff such as Supervisors, Sub-ordinate staff and Office Staff ( Ch OS, OS, Sr Clerk, Jr Clerk, Stenos, Peons etc) 

Types of posts: 

  1. Permanent posts

  2. Temporary posts

  3. Supernumerary posts ( for Surplus and Medically de-categorized staff)

  4. Work-charged posts

  5. Cadre posts

  6. Ex-cadre posts

  7. Tenure posts

  8. Unsanctioned posts .

Calculation of money value of the post (RBE 181/2019): 

   (Pay in cell 1 + Pay in cell 10) of the proposed pay Level /2     +       DA 


Pay level of the post proposed for creation : Level 10 

Pay in Cell 1 is Rs 56,100/-

Pay in cell 10 is Rs73,200/-

Money value of the post is :  (56,100 + 73,200) +  38%    =    Rs 89,217/- per month.


Creation of posts - Necessity:

  1. On introduction of new Technology

  1. On increase in workload

  1. On improvement in the existing works like Gauge conversion, laying additional tracks  etc; .

Creation of posts- conditions: 

  • Posts are created in Safety Categories only.

  • Posts can be created for Operation & Maintenance of new assets in Safety categories.

  • In rare cases posts can be created in other than safety categories for new assets & existing assets. 

Funds for Creation of posts: Funds are not available for creation of new posts. New posts can be created by surrendering existing posts only 

Type of posts for surrender:  

  1. Existing vacant posts in Non-Safety categories.

  2. Posts have been vacant for a long time and no action has been taken to fill them.

  3. Redundant Posts due to introduction of new technology and  change in working patron etc .

Creation of posts – Factors: Following factors to be taken into consideration for creation of posts:

  1. Benchmark

  2. All India average

  3. Yard sticks

  4. Existing vacancies in the category

  5. Availability of surplus posts at other places

  6. Burden on financial exchequer

  7. Possibility of outsourcing. 

Vacancy Bank - Role of Work study wing in the General Administration: 

  • SDGM - Senior Deputy General Manager is the overall incharge of Work study wing. 

  • Regularly conducts work study at field level in Divisions. 


  • Duly keeping in view of above factors. 


  • Recommends surrender of posts which are no longer required due to new technologies and change in working patron.

  •  DRMs/CWMs and concerned Branch Officers should study the Work-Study reports and take action to surrender the recommended posts by discussing with the Work Study Officers. 

  • Surrendered posts should be transferred to Vacancy Bank and utilize  its money value for creation of posts.

  • The money value of surrendered posts is shared by Division, Zonal Head Quarter & Railway Board @50%,35% & 15% respectively.


Creation of posts - @ 1:1 ratio: DRMs also can identify posts in their divisions, surrender them and transfer them to vacancy Bank for creation of new posts @ 1:1 ratio.

Pool of surrendered posts:

  • Exercise start in the beginning of every Financial Year i.e., April. 

  • GMs and DRMs should review cadre position of all departments (post wise) and in consultation with Departmental Heads identify posts for the same. 

  • Transfer such surrendered posts to ‘Pool of surrendered posts’ account duly removing them from Book of Sanctions and issuing surrender Memorandum.

  • The money value of these posts should be utilized for creation of posts as and when required.

Surrender of posts - Trade Unions:  The recognized Trade Unions and Staff Councils  should be kept informed about proposed surrender of posts.

Creation of posts- Step by step action:

  1. Prepare justification for creation of post

  2. Obtain availability of funds certification

  3. Obtain Approval of Competent Authority

  4. Issue creation memorandum

  5. Show in Book of sanctions.

Redeployment of surplus staff: 

  • Due to the surrender of posts, staff working against these posts will become surplus.

  • They should be redeployed to other places where their services and experience is gainfully utilized by imparting requisite training.

  •  Until such time they are redeployed, supernumerary posts should be created for them.

  • Such posts get surrendered automatically immediately after redeployment of surplus staff.


Role of Personnel Department:

  • The entire work related to surrender of posts, creation of posts and redeployment of surplus staff etc.

  • In coordination with executive departments and Accounts department as per the directions of DRM/CWM. 

  • Maintenance of Vacancy Bank & Pool of surrendered posts.  


Thursday, February 24, 2022

Book of Sanctions – BOS

 Book of Sanctions – BOS

  •  Definition: Compilation of particulars of all Sanctioned posts of an accounting unit 


  • Consists of Permanent and Temporary or Work charged Posts of a particular year.

  • Object: Ready reference book of all sanctioned posts /Temporary posts for payment of Salary, Listing of vacancies, promotions etc

  • Important for Man Power Planning (MPP) 


  • Prepared by Personnel Dept at the beginning of the Financial Year.  


  • The BOS prepared by Personnel Department is verified and certified by the concerned Branch Officer (executive officer)  and Accounts Officer.  

  •  All the three Branch Officers ie Personnel, Executive Officer, and Accounts Officer sign this document. 

  •  The memorandum’s number and date of Creation of posts / Surrender of posts are also shown in this document.  

  •  All the posts created and surrendered in the previous year are taken into account for the preparation of this document. 

  •  In the case of Temporary or work-charged posts – The date of Sanction and Date of Expiry are also mentioned against each one. 

  • Very important document and to be kept up to date.

  •  BOS – Columns like Safety, Non-Safety, and Trainee wise

  • Consists of  the columns of Railway/Dept/Designation/Division/Grade/Safety, Non safety & Trainees/Sanction/Temporary/Work charged/Total/On Roll/Vacancies 

  • The total number of employees should not exceed the number of posts shown in the BOS. 

  • BOS is the basis for surrendering the unrequired posts. 

  •   The money value of Surrendered Posts  - used for the creation of posts in Safety and operational categories for the New Assets. 

Key points for MCQ of BOS: 

  1. BOS stands for Book Of Sanctions 

  2. Prepared by the Personnel Dept 

  3. Should be signed by the 3 Officers of Personnel Dept, Executive Dept & Accounts Dept. 

  4. Prepared at the beginning of the year. 

  5. An important document for MPP 

  6. MPP stands for Man Power Planning

  7. The basis for surrendering unrequired posts. 

  8.  The money value of surrendering posts - utilized for the creation of posts in Safety & Operational categories of New Assets