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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Differences between Write back and Write off

5 marks question in General Expenditure -1995 (WO),1997(WO) & 2001 (WO)

Write back
Write off
1. Resorted for regularisation of the incorrect allocation to any Head or write back of provision in original Head.
1. Used when the Railway administration relinquishes its right of claim for one reason or other for an amount (after the same is incorporated into regular accounts)

2.The correct account head is debited and minus debit to that from which the charges are written back.

Example: When the over aged coach (source of procurement is capital) is condemned, the original value of such asset i write back from the Capital as follows.

CAPITAL - 2100  - Minus Debit  --   xxxxx
       DRF - 2100  -  Debit              --   xxxxx
2. It mainly relates to bad debits such as irrecoverable amount of advance paid, loss of cash or stores due to theft, fraud or natural calamities, in efficient suspense balances, capital assets by amortisation etc.

3. It means to take reverse the original transaction i.e., write back for sufficient reason.
3. It means, a Debit balance in the books, but not possible to realise the same in future.   So Write off the same.

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