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Monday, August 12, 2019

RIDF- Rail India Development Fund

RIDF - Rail India Development Fund

·         Conceptual stage - proposed in 2017

·         Govt has circulated a draft cabinet note for setting up a RIDF

·         Estimated fund - 5 Billion Dollars  (approximately Rs. 35000 Crores)

·         Anchored by World Bank and will serve as an vehicle to arrange funds from the Market. 

·         Managed independently by a Non-Govt entity.

·         Leveraging the funds from multilateral (all sides) sources such as Pension Funds from India and the Rest of the World and Other borrowing agencies.

·         Indian Railways as well as private players i.e., SPVs (Special Purpose Vehicles), Concessionaires etc in the railway sector are eligible to draw from this Fund in the form of Equity and Debt. .

·         Hope the above fund will be materialized in future.