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Friday, February 3, 2023





·        Transfers are three kinds:


1.     Own request transfer

2.     Mutual exchange Transfer

3.     Administrative grounds transfer


·        Own request transfer is also called one side transfer.


·        5 years service is required for own request transfer.


·        Seniority is assigned at the bottom of all permanent and temporary employees in the new division/Railway.


·        Five years condition is not applicable for:

o   Transfer on Spouse ground,

o   Transfer on account of having disabled child,

o   Transfer of Physically Handicapped employee,

o   Transfer of widow appointed on Compassionate Grounds and

o   Transfer on mutual exchange.


·        Priority register should be maintained.


·        Request for transfer is considered in recruitment grade only.


·        Should fulfill all educational and technical qualification prescribed for direct recruitment to that post.


·        Request transfer is not admissible in intermediate grade.


·        Mutual Exchange transfer is permitted in the same grade.


·        In the new unit senior employee will take the seniority position of junior employee and junior employee will retain his seniority position.


·        Mutual exchange in recruitment grade is permissible between SC & SC, ST&ST, UR/OBC & OBC/UR with the same required qualification.


·        For mutual transfer in recruitment grade is permissible only between Direct Recruits.


·        Administrative ground transfer is ordered in the public interest. Employee will not lose his/her seniority in new unit.

MCQ key points

1.     5 years service - required for Own Transfer.  However certain exemptions are there.

2.     Transfers are 3 Kinds. A. Own request B. Mutual exchange C. Administrative grounds