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Thursday, September 13, 2018

How to Crack the Examination

1.   Many prospecting candidates appearing for the next Appendix III (IREM) examination  requested me to give tips to crack the examination. The tips I give below are just illustrative and general in nature, not exhaustive.
2.                       I advise the candidates to design their own plan, depending  on their knowledge, skills, comfortability, etc. as every human being is unique. 

How to Crack the Examination

Ø Be  familiar with the syllabus and keep the same on study table.

Ø  Collect the hard copy of Study material. Take print of all soft copies. It’s one time investment.

Ø  Don’t depend on soft copy of the material in the computers.  It remains there. Will not get registered in your memory.

Ø  Practice, practice and practice is what you need. There are no shortcuts to success.

Ø  Group Study is the best idea , if like-minded friends are writing the same examination.

Ø Preparing Notes is a wonderful strategy. I assure you 100 %, that this single tip will  make you sit  in the list of successful candidates.

Ø Turn off your gadgets, i.e., Mobile, TV, Computer ,etc., as far as possible.

Ø Stay away from Social networking like Whatsapp, Facebook, etc., as much as possible. ( I agree, it’s not possible.  keep a distance from them atleast during study time)