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Wednesday, September 6, 2023

WISE - Workshop Information System



WISE - Workshop Information System  

  • Source: Chapter 8 of Rolling Stock Code

  • Developed by CRIS - Hardware at Central Location at CRIS data Centre  


  • WISE - Workshop Information System - Implemented across all IR POH Workshops - Covers Complete Design, Development, Implementation, and support of Centralised Application for management of IR Workshops 


  • Covers all Rolling stock i.e., Coaches, Wagons, Locomotives, OCVs, Special Stock, DEMU, MEMU/EMU, etc  

  • Object: 360-degree view of total Rolling Stock assets under maintenance and their maintenance life cycle across IR & advance prediction of asset demands to production or maintenance requirement.   

  • Initial IT Program for Workshops   -  UNIX-COBOL based application package in 1980-90 years  

  • WISE - Not covered for Production Units.  Efforts are on the way to develop suitable modules for Manufacturing Workshops too in the coming days. 


  • Integration with CMM, FMM, IMMS, IPAS, HRMS & eDRISHTI - Data exchange amongst, facilitating to get real-time reports.  


  • Integration between Divisions, Zonal Hqrs, and Railway Board 


  • Accessible through Internet 


  • Single point access to all Managers through a common web portal ROAMS - ROlling Asset Management System  


  • CMM for Coaching Depots and FMM for Wagon Depot are part of ROAMS.    


  • 34 POH Workshops covered so far (till 2021 January) 

  • First, Second, and Third - Covered under WISE   






LGDW - Carriage Workshop Lallaguda, Secunderabad




TPTW - Carriage Repair Shop, Tirupati




Rayanapadu Workshop




WISE Modules - Total 6  

  1. Rolling Stock Module 


2.               Material Module 


3.               Assembly Module 


4.               Production Module 


5.               Management Dashboard Module  


6.               Master Data Management Module  



  1. Minimum Paperwork 
  2. Reports are available online on a real-time basis 
  3. Visibility of Rolling Stock, its maintenance history, material and man-hour consumption 
  4. POH arising for the next 1 year can easily be seen 
  5. Optimization of Shop floor inventory 
  6. Reduce Rolling stock holding in Workshops 



  1. WISE - Workshop Information SystEm 
  2. POH - Periodic OverHaul
  3. IOH - Intermediate OverHaul 
  4. NPOH - Non Periodic OverHaul 
  5. CRIS - Centre for Railway Information Systems 
  6. OCV - Other Coaching Vehicle (Salons, Inspection Cars, Medical Cars, Tourist cars, Parcels & Horse vans, Composite luggage power cars, Pantry cars & Brake Van) 
  7. DEMU - Diesel Electric Multiple Unit 
  8. MEMU - Mainline Electrical Multiple Unit
  9. CMM - Coaching Maintenance Management 
  10. FMM - Freight Maintenance Management 
  11. IMMS - Integrated Material Management Information System 
  12. HRMS - Human Resources Management System 
  13. IPAS - Integrated Payroll & Accounting System
  14. ROAMS - ROlling stock Asset Management System