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Saturday, July 15, 2023

RPF - Operations





Nanhe Faristey

Identifies & Rescues children who are lost or separated from their families due to various reasons

AAHT - Anti-Human Trafficking Units

Combat the menace of Human Trafficking


Securing lost passenger's belongings and restoring them to the rightful owners

Yatri Suraksha

Controls Passenger offenses by arresting dacoits, robbers, chain snatchers & criminals 


RPF Lady staff assisted in childbirth cases who went into labor on Railway premises or in Trains 


Helping the elderly citizens, physically disadvantaged, sick passengers

Mission Jeevan Raksha

Saved the passengers from slipping and falling from moving trains by risking their own lives

Thursday, September 5, 2019

CORAS - Commandos for RailwaySecurity


·         CORAS full form is “COmmandos for RAilway Security”

·         Separate Commando unit - planned in RPF – Railway Protection Force in Indian Railways

·         CORAS team – will be provided best, most modern equipment and world class training.

·         Proposed new state of art Commando Training Centre  - at Jagadhri, Haryana

·         Head of RPF – Director General (at Railway Board)  

·         Selection of   Commandos:

ü  Motivated and willing young staff of RPF/RPSF

ü  Average age between 30 to 35 years.  It is always young team.

ü  High physical standards

ü  Will be given training in reputed institutions and capable of meeting any precarious situation.

Study material for  MCQ – Multiple Choice Questions
v  CORAS full form “COmmandos for RAilway Security”

v  Proposed Commando Training Centre at Jagadhri, Haryana

v  Head of RPF is Director General

v  Zonal Railway Head of RPF  - PCSC – Principal Chief Security Commissioner

v  RPF full form is “Railway Protection Force”

v  RPSF full form is “Railway Protection Special Force”

v  RPSF – A Reserve force on the battalion pattern.

v  CTI (Centralized Training Institute) for RPF Dept  - The Jag Jivan Ram Railway Protection Force Academy, Lucknow.   Headed by  Director (Rank of Inspector General)  

v  JJRPF Academy  - Jag Jivan Ram Railway Protection Force Academy

v  RPF Act - 1957

v  Railway Protection Force Rules – 1987

v  Breeding cum Training Center for RPF Dogs – Podanur, Palghat Division, Southern Railway  (This institute is the only institute in the RPF which coordinates training related to Disaster Management.

v  Central Arms Repair Shop(CARS) -  Dahod Workshop, Western Railway