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Friday, August 14, 2020

PLB - Productivity Linked Bonus


PLB – Productivity Linked Bonus


·        Basis:  Payment of Bonus Act, 1965


·         Indian Railways was the first dept of the Govt  - introduced the concept of PLB in the year 1979-80


·        Covers – All Non Gazetted Railway Personnel (except RPF/RSPF)


·        Normally paid before Dusshera / Puja holidays


·        Minimum Bonus -  8.33 % of the Salary


·        Maximum Bonus  - 20 % of the salary


·        Output for a year is reckoned by the Equated NTKM


·        Equated NTKM = Total Goods Revenue NTKM plus Non suburban PKM (converted by a factor of 0.076) plus Suburban PKMs (converted by a factor of 0.053)


·         Input  - Total Non-gazetted staff strength (excl: RPF/RPSF staff) increased by the incremental increase/decrease in Capital (Average of 3 years) during the year.


·        The wage/salary calculation ceiling  - Rs. 3500 per month – PLB payment


·        Bonus for 1977 is taken as 25 days.


·        Any excess or decrease over it by each2250 Million NTKM of Revenue earning traffic will increase or decrease the Amount of Bonus by a Day.


·        If index of production falls below 90, no bonus shall be paid for the year. 


·        No. of days approved for calculation of PLB – 2018-19  -78 days.



Year of

Eligibility limit
(Wages Rs. Per Month)





Rs. 1600





Rs. 1600



Rs. 3500

Rs. 2500



Rs. 10000

Rs. 3500



Rs. 21000

Rs. 7000



Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Personal Pay

Personal Pay
By Shri Nagaraja Rao, Dy.CPO (Retd)

§   Authority:  FR -9 and 1305 R II

§  Means Additional Pay granted to a Railway Servant

§  Two possibilities – Granting personal Pay

1. He should have suffered loss in pay due to downward revision of pay in the permanent post. The downward revision of pay should not be as a result of disciplinary action against him.
2. His service should have been continuously satisfactory, he should show extraordinary talent in his work, though he is fit for promotion he is not going to get it due to non availability of vacancy or he is very junior in seniority to get promotion and he is drawing same pay continuously for at least five years.
§  Medically decategorised employees and surplus staff come under item No. 1 above. As per extant instructions, medically decategorised employee should be given alternative post suiting to the medical category in which he is found medically fit so that he should not suffer loss in grade and pay.

§  However, sometimes there may not be vacancy in suitable post to consider him. In such cases, he will be posted in lower grade post. Due to this his pay also get reduced. To avoid this situation, his pay will be protected by granting personal pay which is equal to the loss he suffered.

§   The same procedure is followed even in the case of staff rendered surplus due to surrender of posts.
Example of Personal Pay
1.       Hindi personal pay: ( Abolished wef 29/10/1984. In its place payment of onetime payment of lumpsum amount is introduced)