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Friday, October 13, 2023

Key GRP Question Paper Appendix2 Exam 2023 WR


Key GRP Question Paper Appendix2 Exam 2023 WR 

Click for GRP Question Paper 2023 of WR 

2. Write Short Notes (Any Two)  -  (Marks 5 x 2=10)  

  1. Detailed Estimate  

  • It is the Second one among the Seven Kinds of Estimates on Works Side.   

  • Prepared in sufficient detail (Unlike Abstract Estimate, which is to obtain for Administrative Approval)  

  • Prepared to obtain Technical Sanction of the Competent Authority   

  • Ensure that the cost should not exceed the Abstract Estimate. 

  • Work should commence after the technical sanction of the Detailed Estimate and provision in the Budget.   

  • If Administrative approval and Technical sanction - both within powers of GM - Sanction for  the both can be accorded at the stage of Detailed Estimate, skipping the Abstract Estimate.  


  1. HRMS - Leave Module:  

  • Provides assistance to all the Employees, Leave Sanctioning authorities and Administration. 

  • A fast, flexible, convenient and transparent way for applying, sanctioning and keeping record of all leaves  

  • Employees Can apply for leave from their smartphones using the Pocket HRMS Mobile app. 

  • The fields to fill are: 

  1. Date

  2. 1st level Contact (who is authorized to review and accept or reject the leave application

  3. Date of Joining

  4. From Date

  5. To Date

  6. Type of Leave

  7. Reason 

  8. Leave Station 

  9. Vacation Address 

  10.  Contact number   

  1. Artificial Intelligence: 

  • AI stands for Artificial Intelligence

  • The Science of making machines that can think like humans. 

  • Do things that are considered “Smart” 

  • Can process large amounts of data in ways, unlike humans. 

  • Able to do things such as recognize patterns, make decisions, and judge like humans. 

  • Based on Deep learning and natural language 

  • Examples: 1. Chess playing Computers 2. Self driving Cars  

  • John McCarthy - Considered as the Father of the AI.  Because he coined the word AI. 

  1. Vote on Account:  

  • Definition: Grant of funds in advance for the short period i.e., 2 or 4 months instead of full year Budget 

  • Authority: Article 116 of the Constitution of India 

  • Occasions: 

  1. Formation of a new house of Parliament (i.e., New Government) may delay the presentation of the Full year Budget. 

  2. System of constituting the Special Parliamentary Standing committee to study the Budget in detail.  

  • Remember, the Parliament consists of 1. President of India 2. Lok sabha (House of the People) 3. Rajya Sabha (Council of States).  

  • Example is - Vote on Account for four months in 2014-15 Financial year i.e., from April to July' 2014. 

  • Difference between Vote on Account & Interim Budget: 

  1. Vote On Account deals only with the expenditure side. 

  2. Interim Budget is deals both the Expenditure and Receipts.