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Sunday, January 8, 2023

Railway Services Conduct Rules 1966


  Railway Services (Conduct) Rules 1966

Click for Bare act of Railway Services Conduct Rules 1966 with explanations supported by Serial circulars 

  1. Every Railway employee should always maintain absolute integrity, show devotion to duty and do not do anything unbecoming of a Railway Servant.

  1. Uphold supremacy of the Constitution of India, democratic values, sovereignty of India, Integrity of India, security of India, Public Order, decency and morality.

  1. Maintain ethical standards, honesty, Political neutrality, merit, fairness, impartiality, accountability, transparency.

  1. Be responsive to the public (mainly weaker sections).

  1. Show courtesy and good behavior towards the public. 

  1. Take good decisions in the interest of the public.

  1. Use public resources effectively, efficiently and economically.

  1. Do not misuse official position for personal gains. 

  1. Do not act against Rules, Regulations & procedures.

  1. Maintain discipline.

  1. Maintain confidentiality in official matters.

  1. Show professionalism in working.

  1. Ensure integrity and devotion to duty by subordinates.

  1. Do not have financial and other obligations to any individual      or organization.

  1. Do not give or take oral instructions in official work except in an emergency situation. Take or give confirmation in writing     thereafter immediately.

  1. Do not indulge in sexual harassment.

  1. Do not bring influence for appointment of near relatives in      Railway Service.

  1. Do not take part in politics and elections.

  1. Do not do un-authorized demonstrations. 

  1. Do not have connections with the press and media.

  1. Do not criticize the Government and its policies.

  1. Do not refuse to give evidence before any inquiry,     Commission and any authority.

  1. Do not collect subscriptions from anybody.

  1. Do not take gifts except in family functions such as Wedding, Anniversary, funeral etc and give intimation to the Railway Administration if the value of the gift exceeds Rs 25,000/- in case of Group-A Officer, Rs 15,000/- in case of Group-B Officer and Rs 7,500/- in case of Group-C employee.

  1. On other occasions Rs 5000/- in case of Group- A & B Officers   

     and Rs 2000/- in case of Group- C employees.

  1. Do not give/ take / encourage dowry.

  1. Do not do private employment/Trade.

  1. Do not sublet Quarters allotted to you.

  1. Intimate Railway Administration within one month about           Acquiring or disposing of movable property if it’s value is          more than 3 months basic pay. 

  1. Give prior intimation to the Railway Administration about      Proposed acquisition/disposal of immovable property in      Prescribed form and give final intimation within one month      after acquiring or disposing of that property in prescribed form.

  1. Do not invest, lend or borrow money frequently. Give intimation to Rly Admin if the  investment exceeds- Rs 50,000/- in a year by Group-A & B Officers & Rs 25,000/- in a year by Group-C employees

  1. Give intimation to Railway Administration if total      Investments exceed Six months basic pay in a year. (Year means calendar year.)

  1. Do not enter into plural marriage or marriage with a person already having a spouse.

  1. Do not consume or be under the influence of  intoxicating     Drinks or drugs while on duty.

  1. Running Staff and staff connected with the train passing      Duties should not consume such drinks or drugs 8 hrs before      Commencing duty.

  1. Do not employ  children below 14 years as household      assistants.

NOTE: Violation of above Conduct Rules attracts Disciplinary action and imposition of penalty under Discipline & Appeal Rules. 

Key points for MCQ on Railway Services Conduct Rules, 1966

  1. With Effect from the year 1966 

  2.  Violation of the same attracts action under DA&R

  3. DA&R stands for Disciplinary & Appeal Rules

  4. Gifts & Limit


Limit (Rs)


Family functions 

Other than Family functions 











  1. Movable Property -Acquisition or disposal- value is more than 3 months Basic Pay  - intimate within one month 


  1. Immovable Property - Prior Intimation for proposed acquisition or disposal 


  1. Immovable Property - Acquisition or Disposable  - Final intimation within one month.  


  1. Investments  - Group A & B Officers  - Rs. 50,000 in a calendar year- Intimation 

  1. Investments  - Group C staff  - Rs. 25,000 in a calendar year - Intimation 


  1. Investments exceeds 6 months Basic Pay in a Calendar year - Intimation 


  1. Running staff and staff connected with train operations - should  not consume liquor or drugs - 8 hours before commencement of Duty. 


  1. Do not employ the children below 14 years as household assistants