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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Latin phrases

Latin phrases

from the beginning
ab intestato
from an intestate
ab intra
from within
ab origine
from the source
to this
prepared for either [alternative]
ad valorem
according to value
thing to be done
he asserted
age quod agis
Do what you are doing.
things to be done
at another time, otherwise
nourishing mother
another I
alumnus or
friend of the court
anno (an.)
in the year
Anno Domini (A.D.)
in the Year of the Lord
before the war
ante cibum (a.c.)
before food
ante litteram
before the letter
ante meridiem (a.m.)
before midday
ante mortem
before death
ante prandium (a.p.)
before lunch
aqua (aq.)
aqua fortis
strong water
aqua pura
pure water
royal water
water of life
aurora australis
southern dawn
aurora borealis
northern dawn
bis in die (bid)
twice in a day
bona fide
bona notabilia
note-worthy goods
bona officia
good services
bona patria
goods of a country
bona vacantia
vacant goods

dark chamber
circa (c.) or (ca.)
citius altius fortius
faster, higher, stronger
things to be corrected
course of life

by deed
by law
from the new
tough mother

dum vita est, spes est
while there is life, there is hope

not I
et alibi (et al.)
and elsewhere
et alii (et al.)
and others
et cetera (etc.) or (&c.)
And the rest
from kindness
ex novo
from new
ex officio
from the office
from a part
exempli gratia (e.g.)
for the sake of example

fac simile
make a similar thing

You should have the body

ibidem (ibid.)
in the same place
idem (id.)
the same
id est (i.e., or ie.)
that is
idem quod (i.q.)
the same as
in the absence
in the chamber
in memoriam
into the memory
in the place
in toto
in all
in glass
inter alia (i.a.)
among other things
intra vires
within the powers
he himself said it
by the fact itself

Great Charter
great work
mala fide
in bad faith
my fault
guilty mind
a sound mind in a sound body
method of operating
method of living

nota bene (n.b.)
mark well
with equal step
I have sinned
by heads
per contra
through the contrary
per diem (pd.)
by day
per mensem (pm.)
by month
through itself
person not pleasing
post meridiem (p.m.)
after midday
post mortem (pm)
after death
post scriptum (p.s.)
after what has been written
at first sight
prima luce
at dawn
first among equals
for form
for the rate

quater in die (qid)
four times a day
what for what
Where are you going?
quod erat demonstrandum (Q.E.D.)
what was to be demonstrated
quod erat faciendum (Q.E.F)
which was to be done
quod est (q.e.)
which is
quod vide (q.v.)
which see
of whom
semper ad meliora
always towards better things
always burning
semper eadem
always the same
semper excelsius
always higher
always faithful
semper fortis
always brave
semper in excretia sumus solim profundum variat
We're always in the manure; only the depth varies.
semper instans
always threatening
semper invicta
always invincible
semper liber
always free
semper paratus
always prepared
semper primus
always first
always in need of being reformed
semper ubi sub ubi
always where under where
semper vigilans
always vigilant
semper vigilo
always vigilant
sine die
without a day
without anger and fondness
sine loco (s.l.)
without a place
sine nomine (s.n.)
"without a name"
sine poena nulla lex
Without penalty, there is no law
without which not
sine remediis medicina debilis est
without remedies medicine is powerless
sine scientia ars nihil est
without knowledge, skill is nothing
by faith alone
by grace alone
the situation in which
under a judge
under penalty
under the rose
under silence
suo motu
upon one's own initiative
terra nova
new land
I came, I saw, I conquered
word for word
veritas vincit
truth conquers
versus (vs) or (v.)
I forbid
by the road
via media
middle road
via, veritas, vita
The Way, the Truth and the Life
in place of
vice versa
versa vice
with position turned
vide infra (v.i.)
see below
vide supra (v.s.)
"see above"
vincit qui se vincit
he/she conquers who conquers himself/herself
viva voce
living voice
vox nihili
voice of nothing
voice of the people