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Tuesday, March 7, 2023

BPT - Blank Paper Ticket

BPT - Blank Paper Ticket


Source: Chapter 2 of Commercial Manual

  • When tickets are required to be issued in the exchange of concession orders, and Police Warrants etc.


  • Issued in Local & through booking (separate series) 

  • Machine numbered 

  • Distinct colours for different value ranges, as shown below—


Value range


Up to Rs. 10 (inclusive)


Rs. 10 to Rs.30


Rs. 30 to Rs. 50


Above Rs.50



  • Entries in BPT - Block capitals 


  • Amount in BPT - Bold figures 


  •  Prepared in Double sided carbon 


  • Letter R in Red bold type  -  For Return tickets 


  • 3 foils  (1-Accounts, 2-Passenger & 3- Station Record)


  • Each BPT - Only One Passenger (Adult or Child) 


  • At times of heavy rush, One BPT for a party of more than 4 persons will be issued (for the purpose of Reservation)  - Separate series of tickets with White colour (regardless of value range) 

  • The upper limit of the value of tickets should be written in the space provided for the “ value under Rs________” .  For example, if the fare is Rs. 120 /-, the value under Rs. 121 /- will be shown.