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Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Differences between Incentive schemes of CLW & Group Incentive

Differences between Incentives schemes of CLW & Group Incentive

Source: Annexure 4.2 of Rolling Stock Code 2022 October 



CLW System

Group Incentive


Basis for Incentive

Individual & Time completed

Shops & Outturn


Staff / Shops categorized as 

  1. Direct Workers (DW)

  2. Essentially Indirect Workers (EIW)

  1. Production Group 

  2. Support Shops 

  3. Support Depts


Incentive %

  1. DW - 100 % Incentive

  2. EIW - 80 % Incentive of DW

  1. Production Shops - 100 % Incentive 

  2. Support Shops - 80 % Incentive of Average Incentive of Production Shops 

  3. Support Depts - 50 % Incentive of Average Incentive of Production Shops  


Shop SEs/SSEs Incentive Bonus

  1. 15 % of their Basic Pay 

  2. No linking with the staff incentive

  1. Maximum 15 % of their Basic Pay

  2. Linking with the actual incentive of their shops 

  3. 15 % - If Shop incentive is 15% or more than 15 % 

  4. Less than 15 % - If Shop Incentive is less than 15 %, (SEs/SSEs get proportionately)  


Penalty & Quality 

No penalty clause in respect of quality factor 

Penalty clause is existed in case of bad quality and excess detention of Rolling Stock


Incentive assessed for

For each & every nature of repairs on the Rolling Stock

Unit of Account is SPU - Standard Production Unit


Linking of Incentive with the minimum targetted Outturn of Entire PU / Workshop

Incentive allowed if the section targetted outturn is completed. 

No link with the Outturn of entire PU/Workshop

Incentive allowed is link with the Targetted Outturn of entire PU/Workshop



No Incentive is payable unless the jobs passed by the Inspection staff

Physical parameters as reported by the users are quantified to measure Quality & determine the Incentive


Overtime Allowance


Not allowed


Equalising factors for Different types of Rolling stock


Yes.  1.eGSCN for POH of Coaches. 2. ICF wheel set for turning of wheels.  3. VU - Vehicle Unit for POH of Wagons


Idle Time allowed

For more than one reason i.e., Non availability of tools/materials, Machine Breakdown, power cut, waiting for work etc.

For power outage for more than one hour only. 

Not allowed for other reasons


Maximum Incentive

50 % of time taken by an Individual

the Maximum % of additional Outturn i.e., 50% . 

Example: If the capacity of workshop is POH of 100 coaches, the maximum incentive is applicable for additional 50 coaches over and above 100 coaches only.