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Friday, April 14, 2023

Annual Report


Annual Report 

  • Source: Chapter 5 of Finance Code 


  • Each Zonal Railway / Production Unit should submit the Annual Report to the Railway Board.  


  • Object & Scope: Reviewing the year’s working under all Departments and referring to any matters either materially affecting the results of working or of general interest.  


  • Responsibility for preparation & Submission:  The Administrative Head of the Zonal Railway (i.e., GM). PFA compiles the Financial Statements and furnishes such other information and figures as may be required for the purpose of the Annual Report.  

The annual Report consists of 4 Sections.   

Section I

Section II

Section III

Section IV

Report Proper

Financial Statements

Analysis of Working



Section I - Report Proper 

  • Also called as Narrative portion. 


  • Signed by the Administrative Head of the Railway (GM). It  includes:


  1. Review of the Working of Zonal Railway 

  1. Reasons for variations in respect of Gross Receipts and Departmental Expenditure.  (comparisons with the Previous Year)

  1. Brief description of exceptional events, such as floods, cyclones, etc., and measures taken up to cope therewith.  

  1. The important fluctuations in operating results (say OR - Operating Ratio) together with the contributory causes 

  1. Major works undertaken and completed during the year. 

  1. Steps were taken to improve Passenger amenities, particularly Lower Class 

Section II - Financial Statements (Capital & Revenue Accounts) 

  • Comprises a set of statements of accounts of Capital & Revenue transactions of a  Zonal Railway.  


  • Prepared in accordance with the instructions in Chapter 7 of the Accounts Code.  

Section III - Analysis of Working 

  • Includes Statistical Statements of different aspects of Railway Working, which are chiefly used for the compilation of the Statistics published in Indian Railways Annual Statements by the Railway Board. 


  • Also includes detailed statements of Rolling Stock, Statements of Revenue and Expenditure, and Operating Statistics.   

Section IV: Appendices  

  • Includes Statements of Number and cost of Staff, Accidents, etc