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Saturday, April 28, 2018

SMS - Stores Monthly Summary

S M S - Stores Monthly Summary

·         SMS is the summary of all store transactions about Stores issued from Stores Depots to the Consumers /consignees (various executives) during the month.
·         Contains particulars like Depot, Ward, Voucher No., Date of issue, P L (Price List) No, consignee code, Quantity drawn, Rate and Total value debited.
·         Also gives Allocation code and totals for Department and Division.

·         To Bring into account, all the Stores Transactions (issues and receipts) about the Zone ( say S C Rly) for stock items, which are booked to Capital P (20-7100) – Stores Suspense Under Demand No.16.
·         Through SMS JV, the above transactions clubbed into FMIS, so the JV is incorporated in the Account Current wherever required.

·         Once the final processing is complete at EDP/SC, the reports generated and sent to WAO’s Offices are as follows.
1.      Transaction Ledger
2.      Stores Monthly Summary
3.      S A A/c (Stock Adjustment )
4.      SINT  A/c ( Stores in Transit)
5.      Sales A/c
6.      Class Ledger
7.      OB (quarterly)
8.      Multi depot print out ( for COS office use)
9.      Exception Report 1 – below the danger level ( for COS office use)
10.  Exception Report 2 – above danger level ( for COS office use)
11.  Exception Report 3 – Out of stock (for COS office use)

·         After the generation of the above reports, SMS JV is generated.