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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Traffic Cash Witness

Traffic Cash Witness     

2016 Station Accounts without books -5 marks

·         From Traffic (Commercial) dept

·         Deputed to witness all operations connected with the remittances from the time the cash safes are made over to Cashier or his representative till the cash has been counted.

·         required to protect the interests of Station staff

·         They should not assist the work of counting the cash, except to help the station staff in case of discrepancy.

·         Sign the counterfoils of the CR Notes (Cash Remittance Notes) received with the Station earnings.

·         See that the entries of CR Notes are correctly made in the Cash Office Records ( Traffic Cash Check Sheet)

·         The cash safes should be opened one at a time personally by the Traffic Cash Witness, Cash office representative and RPF/GRP.  Locks and Seals of all the Safes to be examined.

·         Register of cash bags (A-917) - maintained by both Cash office and Cash Witness. All bags bring out from the Cash Safes are entered in that Register duly read out Station Name and painted number.

·         After all the columns in the Register of Bags are filled and signed by Cash witness, Cash office representative & RPF/GPF.

·         The next cash safe should not be opened until this procedure has been completed in respect of the cash safe in hand.

·         Any discrepancies should be brought to the notice of Commercial and Accounts officers for further investigations. But short receipt of cash bags are immediately informed to DRM, Chief Cashier, Traffic Accounts officer along with concerned Station.

·         Till the last moment i.e., counting, checking of empty bags (for any left over cash) etc, Traffic Cash witness should be present.

·         To avoid the above lengthy procedure and laborious manual work involved, the Railways are already moving towards Doorstep banking.