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Tuesday, December 26, 2023

EOL - Engine On Load - Commercial topic



EOL - Engine On Load 



  • Need of the Circular 16 ?  

1.    Launch of GCT - Gati-Shakti Cargo Terminals.

2.    Amendments to PFT & Private Siding policies.

3.    Addressing operational issues. 

4.    Optimum utilization of Rolling stock. 

5.    Prompt clearance of Freight trains from the Terminals

  • EOL stands for Engine On Load. 


  • What is EOL? A system of operations that would permit the placement and clearance of the rake at the Terminals by the same Locomotive within the time. 


  • In EOL,  

1.    The Train locomotive will remain available during the loading and/or unloading operations in the Terminal, 

2.     And, wait on Railway’s account (till the free time permitted for loading/unloading 

3.    So as to work the train (rake) immediately after loading/unloading operation is completed.  

  • Terminals under EOL means Terminals operated by GCT - Gati-Shakti Terminals, PFT - Private Freight Terminals & Private Sidings.  

  • All New Cargo terminals  - preferably operate under EOL.  Exemption only be given under operational/geographical constraints with the consent of Zonal Operating Dept and the personal approval of the DRM.  


  • Through distance basis:  Terminals notified for charging on Through distance basis can operate under the EOL system of operations. 


  • Who built facilities for loading/unloading  -  Terminal operators 



A.             Non EOL into EOL 

·        Condition of “Through distance basis”. 

·        Signing an EOL agreement with the Division. 

B.    EOL into Non EOL or Partial EOL

·        Where problems are being faced in effective implementation of EOL system in Terminals due to operational/geographic constraints. 

·        In Division: Should send “Detailed operational justification” with the approval of DRM to the Zonal Hqrs. 

·        In Zonal Hqrs: Joint approval of PCOM & PCMM who will pass a reasoned speaking order. 

·        The Terminal operator will be required to clear all the pending dues and withdraw all pending arbitration/court cases against the Railways. 


  • What is Partial EOL ? 

1.    Certain Terminals serves old plants and new plants (one of them is under EOL) 

2.    Terminals serve some commodities under EOL (Example: Unloading of Coal) and some commodities under Non EOL (Example: Loading of Fly ash)   


  • Agreement Signing Authority: 

1.    Railways -   Sr.DCM

2.    Terminal - Legal Representative 


  • Cost of Commercial Staff borne by the Terminals


Terminal Type


Cost levied





Non EOL/Partial EOL



PFT/Private Siding

One staff


  • EHC - Engine Hire Charges: Levied at the notified AIEHC for one Locomotive only for Each Rake  (though multi-Loco or double headed Loco used as per the need of the load)


Status of Loading / Unloading

Status of Locomotive



Within Free Time

Present / Absent



Beyond Free Time






(From the end of Free Time to the completion of Loading / Unloading

Irrespective of the fact, whether the shunting operations have been performed or not

  • Siding Charges - Nil for the EOL Terminals as well as Bulb type Terminals. 


  • What is Bulb type Terminal? The Terminal where freight is charged on the basis of through distance up to a specified loading or unloading point and not for the entire length of the Terminal. 

Key points for MCQ:

1.    EOL stands for Engine On Load

2.    GCT stands for Gati-Shakti Cargo Terminal

3.    PFT stands for Private Freight Terminal

4.    EHC stands for Engine Hire Charges 

5.    AIEHC stands for All India Engine Hire Charges

6.    New/Revised Freight Marketing Circular 16 of 2023 (on EOL) 

7.    All New Cargo terminals  - preferably operate under EOL.

8.    Conversion of EOL into Non EOL or Partial EOL: Approval of DRM, then Joint Approval of PCOM & PCMM with reasoned Speaking order.

9.    Agreement Signing Authorities: Railways - Sr.DCM and Terminal - Legal Representative. 

10.                    EHC applicable only: Beyond Free time subject to presence of Locomotive during the Loading/Unloading operations at the Terminals.  

11.                    Cost of One Commercial staff borne by the Non EOL Terminals/Partial EOL Terminals of PFT/Private Sidings only. 

12.                    Cost of the Commercial staff - Nil for EOL Terminals of all categories and Non EOL/Partial EOL of GCT. 

13.                    Siding Charges - Nil for the EOL Terminals as well as Bulb type Terminals.