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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

What is Grant ?




Amount Rs.

Vote of Parliament in 

Original Grant


Budget Session

Supplementary Grant


Winter Session

Residual Modifications

(-) 5

See below Note

Final Grant


Note: Residual Modification sanctioned by Competent authority (i.e., Railway Board, GM, etc other than Parliament) i.e., Reappropriations, withdrawals, surrenders, etc, It may be a plus or minus amount. 

Excess Grant:  

  • Regularization of Excess Expenditure  (Actual Expenditure in excess of Final Grant)  

  • Authority: Article 115 of the Constitution of India 

  • Excess grants are made when the expenditure has been incurred after a Financial Year has expired.  

  • Actual expenditure incurred (out of Consolidated Fund) in excess of Grant voted by the Parliament will be regularized by: 

  • Reasons to be fully explained by the spending authorities. 

  • On the recommendation of PAC as a result of scrutiny of Appropriation Accounts of Railways and Audit Report of C&AG.  

  • Presented after obtaining the recommendation of the President of India. 

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Single Demand Number for Ministry of Railways - 83

Single Demand Number for Ministry of Railways is 83  (as per Budget documents 2020-21)

The reason why the Government changes the number of Demand pertaining to Railways is not clear. Initially i.e., when Railway Budget was merged with General Budget in 2017-18, Single Demand No. 80 was allotted for Railways.  Subsequently, 80 was changed to 81,  again changed to 82.  Finally as per latest budget documents of 2020-21 year, it is again changed to 83. 

May be due to intervening of some new ministries/ depts and alphabetical order are the reasons for such change. 

Union Government of India - Demands for Grants

Total number of Demands for Grants for all Ministries - Government of India  - 101

·         54 Ministries  -101 Demands for Grants

·         Demand Numbers assigned to the Ministries as per alphabetical order.  For example, Agriculture ministry Demand Numbers are 1 & 2.  Atomic Energy Demand number is 3.   Last Demand Number 101 is assigned to Youth affairs & sports.

·         Summary of Demands for Grants of Union of India

Number of Demands
Home Affairs
Other Ministries (50)