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Thursday, June 21, 2018

RRSK – Rashtriya Rail Sanraksha Kosh

RRSK – Rashtriya Rail Sanraksha Kosh

·         Dedicated fund for Railway Safety.

·         Established in the year 2017-18 (announced in Budget speech of 2017-18)

·         Based on the recommendations of High Level Safety Review Committee, 2012 headed by Shri Anil Kakodkar, former chairman of Atomic Energy Commission.

·         Period – Five years

·         Fund proposed – Rs.1,00,000 Crores (i.e., Rs.20,000 Crores for every year)

·         Rs.20,000Crores for this year i.e., 2017-18 is proposed to be funded as follows.

Central Road Fund
Rs.10,000 Crores
So far, the amount goes to SRF.
Ministry of Finance
Rs.5,000 Crores
Railway Internal Resources
Rs.1,000 Crores
(from Budget document 2017-18)
By collecting Cess on fares ( proposed)
Rs.4,000 Crores

Rs.20,000 Crores
For FY 2017-18

·         Objects: 1 ) Strengthen the safety measures on the Rail Network to prevent accidents in order to accomplish the “ZERO ACCIDENT MISSION”

·         Unique feature of this Fund is Non-lapsable .  That means the grant allotted for this Fund is not lapsed with the completion of financial year.

·         Works falling under this Fund category: -

1.       Track renewals &upgradation
2.       Bridge rehabilitation
3.       Elimination of LC gates on BG routes by 2022  
4.   Construction of ROBs/RUBs     
5.       Replacement & Improvement of Signaling system.
6.       Improvement & up gradation of Rolling Stock.
7.       Replacement of Electrical assets
8.       HRD – Human Resources Development.

·         Likely probability:

 SRF – Special Railway Safety Fund may be merged with the above Fund.  This conclusion arrived based on the two factors.  1) CRF – Central Road Fund – so far it is a source of finance for existing RSF – Railway Safety Fund.  Now it is going to be credited to new Fund that is NRSF or RRSK.  2 ) LC Gates (Plan Head 2900) and ROBs/RUBs (Plan Head 3000) so far met from the existing fund RSF.  Now these two objects are included in the proposed new Fund NRSF or RRSK.  Don’t come to any conclusion. Let’s wait and see for further guidelines from Railway Board.