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Monday, July 6, 2020

Green Railways - REMCL

Railway Energy Management Company Ltd (REMCL) Recruitment 2018 ...
·        ·         Indian Railways  vision is to become Green Railways

·         Click for REMCLCorporate Website

·         Stands for Railway Energy Management Company Limited.

·         Established in 2013 year (under the Companies Act, 1956)

·         as a joint venture (JV) company Indian Railways (49%) and RITES ltd ( 51 %)

·         Object : Tap the business potential in the energy sector.

·         Renewable Power projects in Solar and Wind sectors

·         Hqrs - Gurgaon, (New Delhi)

·         2018-19 Financials

1.       Profit  - Rs. 49.46 Crores

2.       Turnover - Rs. 83.03 Crores

3.       Share Capital - Rs. 70 Crores

·          Solar Power Projects: 1000 MW of solar roof top & ground mounted power plants to harness the untapped potential of roof-top spaces on Railways buildings, stations, hospitals etc. and vacant Railways land lying with different ZR.

BINA Plant  - Record break - First of its kind project in the World

·         1.7 MW Solar Plant - TSS - Traction Sub Station at Bina, Madhya Pradesh.

·         A CSR project (Corporate Social Responsibility) of BHEL - Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited

·         Connected directly to Overhead Traction system for running of Trains - First time in the World

·         Innovative technology for converting DC - Direct Current to single phase AC - Alternating Current for feeding directly to Railway's Overhead traction system.

·         It can produce approx. 25 lakh units of energy annually and savings to IR exchequer for Rs. 1.37 Crores every year.  

Indian Railways & Solar power

·          Indian Railways - Going to transform itself as "Net Zero" Carbon Emission Mass Transportation Network - by 2030 year.

·          Planning Solar projects on un utilized Railway land on mega scale.

·         IR wants to become a Green mode of Transportation - by meeting its entire traction power requirements

·           Here after RE Projects means, not only Railway Electrification Projects, but also Renewable Energy Projects.

·         Land based Solar Power Plants - Planned by REMCL

1.       50 MW Solar power plant - Bhilai

2.       2 MW Solar power plant - Diwana (Haryana)

·         1 GW solar plants - Planning installation of solar projects along operational Railway Track to enable to injection of solar power into traction network directly - innovative concept. 

·         Already REMCL floated Tenders for 2 GW of Solar projects on unutilized Railway lands.