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Thursday, March 24, 2022

Mobile App / Desktop App on MCQs - Indian Railways Departmental Examinations like LDCE etc


Operated on Mobile or Desktop 

Click for Mobile App on MCQs


Click for Desktop App on MCQs 


  1. As on date, nearly 4000 questions uploaded. 
  2. MCQs for different categories such as Abbreviations, Allocations,  Question papers of Appendix2 NCR 2020 GRP & Expenditure, Audit, Bookkeeping, Books & Budget, Establishment matters / Personnel, Exepnditure, General Knowledge, Rajbasha / Official Language, Stores, Traffic & Workshop 
  3. Updating and adding MCQs regularly 
  4. Testing performance by attempting Tests 
  5. True or False Questions

Contact WhatsApp 9492432160 for further details

Friday, October 23, 2020

New Mobile App on MCQs - Multiple Choice Questions - Launching shortly

 New Mobile App on MCQs - Multiple Choice Questions  - Launching shortly 

1.     Beneficial for 70% Selections and LDCE of all Depts  (Except Accounts & RPF)


2.     Beneficial for Appendix2 Exam of Accounts Dept.   


3.      Covering  - Accounts, Finance, Establishment matters, Stores, Official Language, General Knowledge


4.     Plans to cover MCQs for Subject such as Commercial, Operating, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil Engineering, Signal, Telecom,  


5.     MCQs supporting with explanations, where ever is necessary


6.     Option of attempting Quizzes/Exercises to test the candidate's performance


7.     Updating MCQs dynamically 


Monday, October 19, 2020

Mobile App - Study material on Railway Dept examinations

 I invite to you to download my mobile app-  Appendix3exam -for study material on Railway Departmental examinations

Mobile App Link

  • The App is designed to assist aspirants of the Accounts and Finance Department, Indian Railways in clearing Appendix 2A, 3A, LDCE, 70% exams, etc.

  • It provides write-ups on various subjects like Traffic, Expenditure, Books & Budget, Stores, Establishment, Workshop Accounts., etc, in a systematic, concise and simple English that helps even a candidate of average knowledge of the subject matter and that of the English language can understand easily.

  • Special features are App 2A, App3A question bank is provided and sharing the current question papers instantaneously.

  • LDCE 70% question papers pertaining to the various zones of The Indian Railways is furnished ,answers solved with special concentration on Management Accountancy and Official language policy.

  • Providing short notes, elaborate answers, solving problems, teaching and clarifying doubts through Zoom Sessions, and also one to one through online and PPT, conducting model tests especially MCQs and providing results instantaneously, furnishing important and latest circulars,Office Orders, Memorandums, and highlighting matters related to the latest reforms in Indian Railways.

  • Has helped many aspirants clear the departmental exams across all zones and even other departments of Indian Railways.

Monday, September 21, 2020