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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Differences between IRCA & IRFA

Differences between IRCA & IRFA transactions

IRCA transactions
IRFA transactions
1. Expand : Indian Railway Conference Association.
1. Expand: Indian Railway Financial Adjustments.
2. Chargeable to : Demand No.09G-740-33
2. Chargeable to Demand No.09G-750-33
3. IRCA is authority for carrying out adjustments among all Zonal Railways.  Debits are raised by Northern Railway on other Zonal Railways based on the advice of IRCA.
3. Zonal Railways are responsible for raising charges on other Railways.
4. Pertaining to Goods Wagons only ( for Pakistan & Bangladesh Rly – All Rolling Stock)
4. Pertaining to Locos (Dsl & Electrical) & Coaches.
A.Charges / Receipts relating to inter charged Stock (Goods wagons only) of Indian Railways-(i) Repairs, (ii) maintenance (iii) Depreciation
 B. Charges relating to Inter-change of all Rolling Stock with Foreign Railways(e.g. Pakistan and Bangla Desh Railways)
5..Will record the receipt / charges on account of adjustments carried out amongst Indian Govt. Railways on account of (i) Repairs, (ii) Maintenance and (iii) Depreciation in respect of rolling stock (other than goods wagons i.e., Locos & Coaches) of one Railway in use on other Railways.
6.Basis for calculation:

Wagon balance is the net difference between the ownership and the actual holding of wagons of Zonal Railway.  On a particular day, if a particular Rly holds less number of wagons that it owns on a particular day, it is entitles to hire charges for balance of the Wagons.  Conversely the Rly holding more wagons that its own is liable to pay hire charges for the excess number of Wagons it holds.
6. Basis for calculation:

(A) Locos : Debits will be passed on by the owning Railway to the using Railway at the unit cost based on the total engine hour on outage basis (i.e. from the time it leaves from the shed & till it returns to the shed) earned by the engines on the using Railway.
(B) CoachesThe credit/debit adjustments should be worked out on the basis of kilometres earned by through rakes/passenger coaches running on more than one railway system. Vehicle kilometres in respect of through coaches should be worked out on the basis of the working time table periods and the rake links.

Note: Codal provisions in respect of IRCA & IRFA -Para 869 of Finance Code vol. One - Click for  Chapter 8th of Finance Code Volume One