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Saturday, July 8, 2023

25% - Discount Fares - AC Sitting classes - Commercial


25% - Discount Fares - AC Sitting classes  

  • Source: Commercial Circular 11 of 2023  Click for the download  

  • CC 11 - applicable for the period of 1 year i.e., up to 06th July 2024

  • Applicable to: ACC - AC Chair Car, Executive classes of all Trains having sitting accommodation (not for AC sleeper berths) incl: Anubhuti & Vistadome coaches. 

  • Discount:  Up to a maximum of 25% on the Basic Fare only.   

  • Period of such Discount: Entire duration or part duration or specific period subject to a maximum of 6 months or weekends or seasons or weekdays etc. Based on the pattern of Demand

  • Implemented with immediate effect.  However, no refund of fare - for already booked tickets

  • Powers:  Delegated to PCCMs of all Zonal Railways 

  • PCCM stands for Principal Chief Commercial Manager (HAG - Higher Administrative Grade) 

  • Criteria for selecting Trains:  Classes with occupancy less than 50% (either end to end or some specified sections in the route) during the last 30 days 

  • Criteria for Quantum of Discount (maximum is 25%)  - Depends on the fares of the competitive modes of transport (Roadways, Airways, etc) 

  • Review of Discount fares: Regularly and based on occupancy, the discount may be modified/extended/withdrawn. 

  • If modified or withdrawn  - With immediate effect only. However, no difference in fare shall be charged or collected for already booked tickets 

  • If the Flexi fare scheme is in existing trains: 

  • 1st step:  withdraw the flexi fare scheme initially as a measure to increase occupancy. 

  • 2nd step: If occupancy is not improved, then the Discount scheme should be implemented in those classes/trains. 

  •  Discount Scheme not applicable to : 

  1. Special Trains (on account of the Festivals/holidays)

  2. PTOs - Privilege Ticket Orders 

  3. Difference of fare in Privilege Passes 

  4. Concessional vouchers 

  5. MLAs / Ex MLAs coupons 

  6. Warrants 

  7. MPs/Ex MPs 

  8. Freedom Fighters

  • If Discount Scheme is yes, Then No Tatkal Quota in those trains

Key points for MCQ:

  1. CC - Commercial Circular No 11 of 2023 

  2. CC 11 - Applicable for a period of one year (up to 6th July 2024) 

  3. Applicable to AC Sitting accommodation on all Trains 

  4. 25 % - Maximum Discount  

  5. Powers delegated to PCCMs 

  6. Less than 50% Occupancy - Criteria for Discount

  7. Not applicable for all concessions and Special Trains.  

  8. Powers delegated to PCCMs