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Monday, January 13, 2020

RTIS – Real-time Train Information System

RTIS – Real-time Train Information System

·         Project executed by CRIS – Centre for Railway Information System, an IT arm of Indian Railways in collaboration with ISRO – Indian Space Research Organisation.

·          This requirement gained greater significance after implementation of ICT based Control Office Application (COA) on all divisions of Indian Railways. As COA is already integrated with National Train Enquiry System (NTES), accurate real-time information for passengers will get enabled automatically as a by-product.

·         Object:  Automatic acquisition of train movement data i.e., arrival, departure, run through timings at Railway stations

·         As part of the project, RTIS devices have been installed in Locomotives.

·         Indian Railways has  15000 Locos  ( 5500 electric locomotives, 6500 diesel locomotives and 3000 EMU/ MEMU /DMUs). As of now (till November, 2019), 2700 devices are installed in Phase 1.

1.       Automatic capture of train running Information & automatic plotting of Control Charts in COA.
2.       Stress free work conditions for train controllers.
3.       Accurate train running information to passengers.
4.       Improving the efficiency of train control.
5.       Richer MIS for management.