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Monday, September 25, 2023

ACG - Appointment on Compassionate Grounds


ACG - Appointment on Compassionate Grounds 

What are the grounds ? 


  1. Death of employee while on duty or in service.  

  2. If the employee is missing for more than one year  

  3. Total medical unfitness.

  • ACG is given if the financial condition of the family is not good. 

Who are eligible: 

  1. Spouse  (preference is given) 

  2. Children/Adopted Children (Next preference) 

  3. Dependent Brothers/Sisters  - in case employee is unmarried,  divorced

  4. Widow daughter provided she was dependent on the employee. 

  • If child is minor, spouse can register the child’s name for CGA on attaining age of majority.

Competent Authority for ACG:  


Competent Authority


Level 1 to Level 6


DRM in Division

CWM in Workshop 

PCPO in Hqrs 

Level 7


Priority & Time Limit : 

  1. Death or Permanent Medical Unfitness during the performance of duties  - Within 1 month

  2. Death in harness duty to Railway Accidents while off duty.  - Within 3 months

        3A. Total Medical unfitness due to natural cause  - Within 3 months

        3B. Medical De-categorization with more than 5 years left over service. - Within 3 months.  


ACG cases - Period - Application for CGA should be given within 5 years from the date of incident.


Competent Authority

Up to 20 Years old cases


20 Years to 25 Years


Beyond 25 years

Railway Board

  • DRM, CWM and HOD can consider CGA within 2 years of attaining the age of majority in case of minors.

  • For Level-7 posts GM shall consider.

  • CGA in missing employee cases can be given by GM after the waiting period of TWO years.

  • The Educational Qualification possessing the candidate at the time of submitting application for CGA should be taken into consideration. ( ie within 5 years from the date of incident/ within 2 years from the date of majority)

  •  If the candidate is major at the time of incident but was already admitted in a course then he/she be allowed to complete the course within 5 years provided permission is taken from Railway for this. Such Qualification will be taken into consideration for CGA.

  • If the candidate is minor and case is registered for appointment on attaining the age of majority, but he/she has joined a course and midst of it at the time of age of majority, he/she may be permitted to complete the course within 5 years. Such qualification is considered for CGA.

  • Whatever qualification the candidate acquires, CGA can be given only Group-C up to Level 7. 

  • CGA is given in initial grade or in intermittent grade if an element of DR Quota is available in the grade.

  • Candidate for CGA should be within the age limits prescribed for direct recruitment.

  • However upper age relaxation can be given by DRM/CWM for Level-I posts and PCPO for other Level posts.

  • Lower age relaxation up to one year can be given by GM and beyond one year by Railway Board.

  • No relaxation in educational and Technical qualification is permissible.

  • Illiterate wife of ex employee can be considered for CGA in Level-1 posts where reading or writing is not essential. (Ex Safaiwali or Sweeper posts)

  • Only one CGA is given in a family.

  • If wife and husband are Railway employees, CGA is given on account of any one of the two.

  • Person appointed on CGA should give an under taking that he/she will take of other member of the family. In case of failure, his/her services will be terminated and no other person will be given appointment again.

  • If CGA is given in missing case and subsequently the missing employee is traced,  appointment  given to the ward will be withdrawn.

  • For CGA in Group-C posts ( other than Level-1), candidate should pass the test conducted in this regard.

  • In case of failure in the test, CGA will be given in Level-I post.

  • Second Chance - DRM/CWM/PCPO.

  • Third Chance - GM 

  • Fourth Chance - GM  (in case of Widow) 

  • Passing prescribed medical examination and initial training is must.

  • If the ex employee has two wives, first wife only is eligible for CGA.

  • Second wife is not eligible for ACG. However second wife’s children are eligible for CGA provided if there is no objection from First wife and her children.

  • Wards of Officers are also considered for ACG by GM. But only in Group-C posts.

  • ACG candidates in clerical cadre should pass typing test within two years from the date of appointment.

  • CG appointees as can as possible should be appointed nearer to the Home Town.

  • In case son of the Ex employee is given CGA on the request of wife of Ex employee and he dies while undergoing initial training, then the wife of ex employee can ask for CGA either for other children or for self or for the wife of deceased trainee.

  • If the wife of ex employees is not alive, the widow of deceased trainee can ask for CGA for self.

  • If the deceased trainee is unmarried, his/her brother or sister can ask for CGA.