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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Glossary of Terms - Statistics


Glossary of Terms - Statistics 






Authorized Rolling Stock

Sanctioned allotment of Rolling Stock of Zonal Railways

Included: Stock ordered for or under construction, but not handed over to Traffic. 

Included: Stock sold or broken up but not replaced or removed from Authorized Stock 

Excluded: Stock replaced but still running  


Average Haul / Lead

The Average distance each  passenger or tonne of goods transported


Capital at charge

Book value of the Capital assets of the Railway


Capital Outlay

Capital expenditure incurred during the period (i.e., Financial year)  with the object of increasing concrete assets of a material character. 


Cross Traffic

All  traffic which neither originates nor terminates on the reporting Railway.


Departmental Train

Trains run for: 

  1. Revenue works / Capital works of an Open Line

  2. Workmen 

  3. Inspection 

  4. Pilot / Patrol Trains - In front of trains 

Note: Trains for Railway Coal are not included. 


Empty Running

Running of Vehicles without being loaded


Engine Failures

An Engine, if unable to work its booked train within the prescribed load from start to destination 

For a Period of:  

  1. 30 minutes or more  - Passenger Trains 

  2. 60 minutes or more - All other cases   

Due to reasons: 

  1. Defective design or material or bad workmanship in Shed / Workshop 

  2. Mismanagement by Crew or bad water / fuel