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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Differences between Incentive schemes of CLW & RITES

Differences between Incentives schemes of CLW pattern & RITES pattern

ü  Based on Individual
ü  Based on Group of staff/Out turn oriented
ü  Time is the basis
ü  Output/Outturn/production is the basis.
ü  Over Time (OT) allowed.
ü  Over Time (OT) not allowed.
ü  Quality factors are not taken into consideration
ü  Quality factors are considered.  (ex: if en route detachment of rolling stock, the incentive will be effected)
ü  No equalising factors for different types of works.
ü  Equalised factors such as eGSCN for POH of Coaches, ICF wheel set for turning of wheels and VU (Vehicle Unit) for POH of Wagons.
ü  Idle time can be booked for more than one reason like non-availability of tools/materials, machine breakdown, power cut, waiting for work etc.
ü  Idle time is not allowed except for power cut for more than one hour.
ü  Maximum incentive - 50 % of time taken by an individual
ü  Maximum incentive - The maximum percentage of additional outturn/output ( like POH of eGSCN coaches) that can be turned out to be eligible for incentive earnings is 50 %.  (Example: If capacity of workshop is POH of 100 coaches, the maximum incentive is applicable for additional 50 coaches over and above capacity of 100 coaches)