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Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Outturn Statements - Workshop Accounts


Outturn Statement - Workshop Accounts

  • Source: Rolling Stock Code 2022 

  • Prepared every Month

  • Prepared from WGR - Workshop General Register 

  • Showing all Work Orders (Completed, awaiting adjustment, On hand) 


  • Purpose: Charging the Total expenditure incurred in the Workshops to the Accounts Heads (like Plan Heads, Revenue Heads like erstwhile Demand Nos 5,6,7) and transfers to the Other Railways etc. 


  • Divided into Two parts i.e., Part I and part II 


  • Part I - Adjusted Items   - Completed in the on hand month


  • Part II - Awaiting Acceptance    - equals to Closing Balance of WMS - Workshop Manufacturing Suspense7

Part I - Adjusted Items  - Completed and adjusted in the Month on hand. They are as follows: 

  1. Home Line Capital Works (Plan Heads 21 - Rolling Stock and 41 - M & P) 

  2. DRF works 

  3. DF works 

  4. Capital Stores Suspense (Plan Head 71 - Stores Suspense)  

  5. Home Line Revenue Account (Erstwhile Demand Nos 5,6 & 7) 

  6. Works done for Divisions, Home Line Depts, Foreign Railways 

  7. Other Government Depts & Public bodies 

  8. Home Line Railway Employees 

Part II - Awaiting Acceptance - They are as follows: 

  1. Manufacturing Works 

  2. Stores Dept Works 

  3. Works done for Home Line Depts & Divisions 

  4. Works done for Foreign Railways, Other Govt Depts, Railway employees & Private bodies 

  5. Works Executed on Grouping Work Orders